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Scanning Range sentence examples within 4000 cm 1

An Experimental Study of Porous Hydroxyapatite Scaffold Bioactivity in Biomedical Applications

Effective Quantification of Tannin Content in Sorghum Grains Using Near-infrared Spectroscopy

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Design and Synthesis of Dual Polarized Millimetre Wave Array Antennas for Advanced Wireless Communications

Scanning Range sentence examples within Wide Scanning Range

Interleaved Parasitic Arrays Antenna (IPAA) for Active VSWR Mitigation in Large Phased Array Antennas With Wide-Angle Scanning Capacities

High speed super-resolution localization photoacoustic microscopy

Scanning Range sentence examples within Large Scanning Range

Localized quenching sites in MAPbI3 investigated by fluorescence and photothermal microscopy.

Design of ME-dipole antennas for 5G phased array applications at 28 GHz

Scanning Range sentence examples within Angular Scanning Range

Waveguide Superlattice-Based Optical Phased Array

3D-Printed frequency-scanned slot array in grating waveguide

Scanning Range sentence examples within Entire Scanning Range

A Comparison Between two Different Techniques for Beam-scanning Reflectarray Antennas Design

A Low-Cost Ka-Band Circularly Polarized Passive Phased-Array Antenna for Mobile Satellite Applications

Scanning Range sentence examples within Larger Scanning Range

An Adaptive Direction-Dependent Polarization State Configuration Method for High Isolation in Polarimetric Phased Array Radar

Device Design and System Integration of a Two-Axis Water-immersible Micro Scanning Mirror (WIMSM) to Enable Dual-modal Optical and Acoustic Communication and Ranging for Underwater Vehicles

Scanning Range sentence examples within Limited Scanning Range

Research on mapping method based on data fusion of lidar and depth camera

Linear programming-based reconstruction algorithm for limited angular sparse-view tomography

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23.2 A 436-to-467GHz Lens-Integrated Reconfigurable Radiating Source with Continuous 2D Steering and Multi-Beam Operations in 65nm CMOS

Cavity-Backed Circularly Polarized Cross-Dipole Phased Arrays

Scanning Range sentence examples within Overall Scanning Range

Annular Surface Plasmon Polariton-Based Frequency-Scanning Leaky-Wave Antenna for Full Azimuth Coverage

Beam Formation and Vernier Steering Off of a Rough Surface

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1.6 GHz Frequency Scanning of a 482 nm Laser Stabilized Using Electromagnetically Induced Transparency

Error Estimation of BFS Extraction With Optimized Neural Network & Frequency Scanning Range

Scanning Range sentence examples within Measured Scanning Range

Partially Open Corrugated Waveguide Frequency Scanning Antennas With Linear and Circular Polarizations

Partially Filled Half-Mode Substrate Integrated Waveguide Leaky-Wave Antenna for 24 GHz Automotive Radar

Coherently Radiating Periodic Structures to Reduce the Number of Phase Shifters in a 2-D Phased Array

A Miniaturized Quad-Stopband Frequency Selective Surface with Convoluted and Interdigitated Stripe Based on Equivalent Circuit Model Analysis

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[Calculation of Lens Exposure Reduction Using Organ-effective Modulation in Pediatric Head CT].

Extended aperture line-scanning Hartmann wavefront sensor.

A sandwich-configuration electrochemiluminescence immunoassay based on [email protected] nanocrystals and OMC-MoS2 nanocomposites for determination of alpha-fetoprotein

Compact Optical Autocorrelator with 0.1-Meter Scanning Range Using a Rotating Pair of Mirrors

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Design of cylindrical conformal liquid crystal phased array antenna

Voice coil based endomicroscopic optical coherence tomography probe for in vivo mucosa examination

1-D Wide-Angle Beam-Scanning Linear Phased Array With Enhanced Gain by Using 3-D Printed Dielectric Slab Superstrate

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Detecting the Early Infarct Core on Non-Contrast CT Images with a Deep Learning Residual Network.

Implementation of a 2-D Reconfigurable Fresnel-Zone-Plate Antenna

Resonant scanning design and control for fast spatial sampling

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Left-Hand Circularly Polarized Phased Array with High Gain for Mobile Satellite Communications

Backward-to-Forward Wide-Angle Fast Beam-Scanning Leaky-Wave Antenna With Consistent Gain

Design of A Low-profile and Low Scattering Wideband Planar Phased Antenna Array

Silicon nitride integrated two-dimensional wavelength tuning optical phased array

More Scanning Range 扫描范围 sentence examples

W-Band Confocal Antenna System Based on Liquid Crystal Reflectarray for Beam Scanning Applications

Pattern Reconstruction for Polarimetric Phased Array Antenna by Efficient Beam Measurement

Dual-Polarized Linear Array With Overlapping Handover of Subarray to Produce Continuous Beam Scanning for Transmitarray Antenna

Comprehensive Ranging Disambiguation for Amplitude-Modulated Continuous-Wave Laser Scanner With Focusing Optics

Periodic Leaky-Wave Antennas Based on Microstrip-Fed Slot Array With Different Profile Modulations for Suppressing Open Stopband and n = −2 Space Harmonic

Scan Blindness Free Design of Wideband Wide-Scanning Open-Ended Waveguide Phased Array

Accuracy of impressions for multiple implants: A comparative study of digital and conventional techniques.

Large-scale two-photon calcium imaging in freely moving mice

Reconfigurable Antenna Array With Reduced Power Consumption—–Synthesis Methods and Experimental Validations in S-Band

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A study on applying interactive art to the active aging of the elderly – Example by the work “Yuechun”

A Sarcopenia Detection System Using an RGB-D Camera and an Ultrasound Probe: Eye-in-Hand Approach

Conjugate Impedance Matching Method for Wideband and Wide-Angle Impedance Matching Layer With 70° Scanning in the H-Plane

Electronic Beam-Scanning Strip-Coded Graphene Leaky-Wave Antenna Using Single Structure

Healthy individuals vs patients with bipolar or unipolar depression in gray matter volume

A Ka-Band Circularly Polarized Fixed-Frequency Beam-Scanning Leaky-Wave Antenna Based on Groove Gap Waveguide With Consistent High Gains

Mechanically Reconfigurable, Beam-Scanning Reflectarray and Transmitarray Antennas: A Review

Development of a force measurement system with a large punctual measurement range

Analysis of soil clay mineral in terrestrial ecosystem using X-ray diffraction spectroscopy

Two-Dimensional Fiber Beamforming System Based on Mode Diversity

Synthesis and Characterization of New Benzothiazole-derived Schiff Bases Metal Complexes

A Compact Frequency Scanning Planar Array Using Characteristic Mode Analysis

An Evaluation of the Publications in the Field of Geography Education: Bibliometric Analysis Based on the Web of Science Database

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Radiation doses and size-specific dose estimate from CT brain examinations according to head sizes in a tertiary hospital in Malaysia

High-efficiency Millimeter-wave Wide-Angle Scanning Phased Array Using Metasurface

A Review of Reconfigurable Leaky-Wave Antennas

Extended Risley scanning system with 30 × 360 coverage.

A Dielectric Dome Antenna With Reduced Profile and Wide Scanning Capability

A Compact Multibeam Folded Transmitarray Antenna at Ku-Band

Development of 3D Breast Measurement System Using Structured Light for Bra Design

[Simultaneous determination of eight additives in polyethylene food contact materials by ultrahigh-performance liquid chromatography].

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Low-Profile Electronic Beam-Scanning Leaky-Wave Antenna Composed of Longitudinal Cells

Chirped Microwave Signals Generation Using a Distributed Feedback Laser With Alternating Structure of Active- and Passive-Cavity

Compact K-band Photonic Beamsteerer Assisted with Weakly-Coupled Multi-Core Fiber

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Current state of oncologic 18F-FDG PET/CT in Japan: A nationwide survey.

The direct digital workflow in fixed implant prosthodontics: a narrative review

Ka-band Frequency Scanning Antenna with Wide-Angle Span

2D flat Luneburg lens antenna for multibeam scanning application

Efficient Measurement of Key-Cap Flatness for Computer Keyboards With a Multi-Line Structured Light Imaging Approach

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A Series-Fed High-Gain Antenna with Frequency-Controlled Beam Scanning

Hybrid Beamsteering of Ka-Band Array-Fed Reflector Antenna for Satellite Communication Links

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High Gain and Wide Angle Beam Scanning Antenna Array Based on CTS

Depth profile crystal orientation determination of Cu(In1−xGax)Se2 thin films by GIXRD method applying skin depth theory

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Low-Cost Electrical Beam-Scanning Leaky-Wave Antenna Based on Bent Corrugated Substrate Integrated Waveguide

Electronically beamscannable sinusoidally modulated reactance surface antenna

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Design of a Wide-Angle-Scanned Conformal Array Antenna

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