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Collection of samples

Consensus for Second-Order Multiagent Systems Under Two Types of Sampling Mechanisms: A Time-Varying Gain Observer Method.

Prediction in the Presence of Response-Dependent Missing Labels

Bidirectional String Anchors: A New String Sampling Mechanism

Learning Within an Instance for Designing High-Revenue Combinatorial Auctions

Measurement of Peristaltic Forces Exerted by Living Intestine on Robotic Capsule

Sampled-data non-fragile state estimation for delayed genetic regulatory networks under stochastically switching sampling periods

Principal Kernel Analysis: A Tractable Methodology to Simulate Scaled GPU Workloads

Computational fluid dynamics provide evidence for a compensatory suction feeding like effect in the predatory strike of dragonfly larvae

Event-Triggered Consensus of General Linear Multiagent Systems With Data Sampling and Random Packet Losses

Retinomorphic Sensing: A Novel Paradigm for Future Multimedia Computing

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Sampling Mechanisms 采样机制

Sampling Mechanisms 采样机制
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