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Rural Region sentence examples within cross sectional survey

Additive association of knowledge and awareness on control of hypertension: a cross sectional survey in rural India.

Characterizing the Exercise Behaviour, Preferences, Barriers, and Facilitators of Cancer Survivors in a Rural Canadian Community: A Cross-Sectional Survey

Rural Region sentence examples within primary health care

Implementation of Integrated Primary Care for Patients with Diabetes and Hypertension: A Case from Slovenia

Evaluation of Rural Household Drinking Water Treatment: A Case Study of Rajaf Payam Central Equatoria State, Juba-South Sudan

Rural Region sentence examples within urban semi urban

Assessment of performance of telecom service providers using intuitionistic fuzzy grey relational analysis framework (IF-GRA)

Do Computer and Foreign language literacy affect native language (L1) reading strategies?

Rural Region sentence examples within prospective pragmatic two

Implementing Mobile Health–Enabled Integrated Care for Complex Chronic Patients: Intervention Effectiveness and Cost-Effectiveness Study

Implementing mHealth-Enabled Integrated Care for Complex Chronic Patients With Osteoarthritis Undergoing Primary Hip or Knee Arthroplasty: Prospective, Two-Arm, Parallel Trial

Rural Region sentence examples within tele mental health

Rural mental health care during a global health pandemic: Addressing and supporting the rapid transition to tele-mental health.

Rural Region sentence examples within Predominantly Rural Region

[Telemedicine in stroke-pertinent to stroke care in Germany].

Assessing Climate Data and Information Needs of Indigenous Communities in the Arid Southwestern United States

Rural Region sentence examples within Within Rural Region

Preventive Medicine for Rural America: Why More Training Programs Must Be Here

Identification and Mitigation of High-Risk Pregnancy with the Community Maternal Danger Score Mobile Application in Gboko, Nigeria

Rural Region sentence examples within Poor Rural Region

[Study on infant and young children complementary feeding in poor rural regions in China].

Socioeconomic Factors and Health Status Disparities Associated with Difficulty in ADLs and IADLs among Long-Lived Populations in Brazil: A Cross-Sectional Study

Rural Region sentence examples within Remote Rural Region

Simplified Indirect Estimation of Pump Flow Discharge: An Example from Serbia

Psychosocial, Eating Behavior, and Lifestyle Factors Influencing Overweight and Obesity in Adolescents

Rural Region sentence examples within Southern Rural Region

Aflatoxins in maize dough and dietary exposure in rural populations of Togo

An engineered alternative brick masonry unit for the poor inhabitants at hawassa village, Ethiopia

Rural Region sentence examples within Three Rural Region

Sociodemographic Predictors of Attitudes to Support Seeking From a Medical Doctor or Other Health Provider Among Rural Australians

Microscopic and molecular detection of Eimeria maxima and Eimeria praecox naturally infected in free-range village chickens of Myanmar.

Rural Region sentence examples within Largely Rural Region

In a straightjacket? Targeting deprivation in rural Scotland in the context of localism and austerity


Rural Region sentence examples within Acros Rural Region

Modeling optimal price policy of pharmaceutical companies for sales maximization based on Data Science technologies

Factors influencing social capital in rural communities in Nigeria

Rural Region sentence examples within Versu Rural Region

Differences in cancer incidence and pattern between urban and rural Nepal: one-year experience from two population-based cancer registries

Urban-rural differences in healthcare utilization among beneficiaries in China’s new cooperative medical scheme

Rural Region sentence examples within Populated Rural Region

Effects of post-WWII forced displacements on long-term landscape dynamics in the Polish Carpathians

Changes in the Habitat Preference of Crested Ibis (Nipponia nippon) during a Period of Rapid Population Increase

Rural Region sentence examples within Two Rural Region

Implementation of Integrated Primary Care for Patients with Diabetes and Hypertension: A Case from Slovenia

Prevalence of SARS-CoV-2 Antibodies from a one-year National Serosurveillance of Kenyan Blood Transfusion Donors

Rural Region sentence examples within Several Rural Region

Cesarean delivery rates, hospital readiness and quality of clinical management in Ethiopia: national results from two cross-sectional emergency obstetric and newborn care assessments

Impacts of Soil NOx Emission on O3 Air Quality in Rural California.

Rural Region sentence examples within Stricken Rural Region

How do Hemodialysis Center Prevent the Secondary COVID-19 Transmission in Poverty-Stricken Rural Region of China: Eperiences and Strategies

Village development framework through self-help-group entrepreneurship, microcredit, and anchor customers in solar microgrids for cooperative sustainable rural societies

Rural Region sentence examples within Dispersed Rural Region

Development and implementation of a scalable and versatile test for COVID-19 diagnostics in rural communities

Development and Implementation of a scalable and versatile test for COVID-19 diagnostics in rural communities

Rural Region sentence examples within Eminently Rural Region

The Social Economy as a Factor of Economic Development and Resilience of Population in Rural Areas. A Study of Mediating Effects in Castilla-La Mancha (Spain)

Stakeholders’ Participation in Sustainable Tourism Planning for a Rural Region: Extremadura Case Study (Spain)

Rural Region sentence examples within One Rural Region

Implications of a New Normal Urban Air Quality

Attitudes and Views Concerning Human Milk Banking Among Mothers Residing in a Rural Region of Bangladesh.

Rural Region sentence examples within rural region without

Development and implementation of a scalable and versatile test for COVID-19 diagnostics in rural communities

Development and Implementation of a scalable and versatile test for COVID-19 diagnostics in rural communities

Gender balance in the context of decentralization of rural development management

Music in the Tourism Offering of Rural Regions (The Case of Eastern Croatia)

Sciatic Herpes Zoster Suspected of Lumbar Disc Herniation: An Infrequent Case Report and Literature Review

Informing telehealth service delivery for cardiovascular disease management: exploring the perceptions of rural health professionals.

Regional Differences in the Prevalence of Anaemia and Associated Risk Factors among Infants Aged 0–23 Months in China: China Nutrition and Health Surveillance

Dynamic Villages in the Hinterland of a Polycentric Region: Case Study of the Górnośląsko-Zagłębiowska Metropolis in Poland

Increased SAR-CoV-2 shedding associated with reduced disease severity despite continually emerging genetic variants

Gossip and Addiction Recovery in Rural Communities.

Nutritional status of children aged 2-18 years old: a single-center study in China

Empowering Families to Address Suicide in Rural Colombia

Impact of Elevated Systolic Blood Pressure Levels on Mortality and Life Expectancy in Southeast Chinese Residents

Spatial and molecular distributions of dicarboxylic acids, oxocarboxylic acids, and a-dicarbonyls in snow in China

Fitness trend analysis in male Austrian middle and high school students from 1975 to 2010

Comparing the feasibility of four web-based recruitment strategies to evaluate the treatment preferences of rural and urban adults who misuse non-prescribed opioids.

More Rural Region 农村地区 sentence examples

The outdoor pedestrian thermal comfort and behavior in a traditional residential settlement – A case study of the cave dwellings in cold winter of China

Primary care physicians’ perceptions of the role of alternative payment models in recruitment and retention in rural Alberta: a qualitative study

Commentary: Significance of early screening for color vision in children

The willingness to use mobile health technology among gynaecologists: A survey study

Optimization and Comparative Economic Analysis of Standalone and Grid-Connected Hybrid Renewable Energy System for Remote Location

Perceptions and Attitudes Toward Obesity and its Management in Migrants and Rural Residents in China: a Cross-sectional Pilot Study

Prevalence of Hantaviruses Harbored by Murid Rodents in Northwestern Ukraine and Discovery of a Novel Puumala Virus Strain

Rural Telemedicine Use Before and During the COVID-19 Pandemic: Repeated Cross-sectional Study

The paradox of being a food artisan entrepreneur: responding to conflicting institutional logics

Coronavirus Disease 2019 in Patients With End-Stage Kidney Disease on Hemodialysis in Guatemala

“I’m Always Worried”: Exploring Perceptions of Safety and Community Inclusion Among Transgender People

Alcohol and Other Drug Service Availability, Capacity, and Diversity in Urban and Rural Australia: An Integrated Atlas.

More Rural Region 农村地区 sentence examples

Urban green is more than the absence of city: Structural and functional neural basis of urbanicity and green space in the neighbourhood of older adults

Statewide Impact of COVID-19 on Social Determinants of Health - A First Look: Findings from the Survey of the Health of Wisconsin

Sex differences in response to marketing of an emotional distress helpline

The strategy of the Development of Village-Owned Enterprises (BUMDes) - Based Agriculture in the District Juli Bireuen


Higher Hospitalization and Mortality Rates Among SARS-CoV-2 infected Persons in Rural America

Legal regulation of tourism activities in rural areas

Coronavirus disease 2019 pandemic, restriction, and orthopedic trauma

Income of informal labourers in rural areas: A survey dataset of northern mountainous regions in Vietnam

More Rural Region 农村地区 sentence examples

The effect of geographical regions (urban and rural areas) on movement competence of Egyptian schoolchildren from 6-7 years

Concentration levels of serum 25-Hydroxyvitamin-D and vitamin D deficiency among children and adolescents of India: a descriptive cross-sectional study

High prevalence of metabolic syndrome among overweight adults in Vietnam based on different criteria: Results from a community-based study

Under-ascertainment of clinically-meaningful symptoms during prostate cancer radiation therapy - does this vary by patient characteristics?

More Rural Region 农村地区 sentence examples

An integrated approach to digitalization of rural areas as a condition for their sustainable development

Tribal Mobility and COVID-19: An Urban-Rural Analysis in New Mexico

Radar-Based Detection and Classification of Vulnerable Road Users

Examining Adult E-cigarette Use in Kentucky and Its Appalachian Region Using the Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System, 2016-2017.

Distance from the endocrinology clinic and diabetes control in a rural pediatric population

Reducing regional disparities for inclusive growth in Bulgaria

Ease of marital communication and depressive symptom severity among men and women in rural Uganda: cross-sectional, whole-population study

“People Want a Clean Environment”: Historical Roots of the Environmental Crisis and the Emergence of Eco-Resistances in Tunisia

Equitable resource allocation for municipal safety: A data envelopment analysis

Ronald McDonald House accommodation and parental presence in the neonatal intensive care unit

Invisible Agents of Rural Development. Russian Immigrant Women in the Finnish Border Region

eHealth Implementation Issues in Low-Resource Countries: Model, Survey, and Analysis of User Experience

Characteristics of Providers Using a Child Psychiatry Access Program.

Low-Molecular-Weight Carboxylic Acids in the Southeastern U.S.: Formation, Partitioning, and Implications for Organic Aerosol Aging.

Assets and Challenges to Recruiting and Engaging Families in a Childhood Obesity Treatment Research Trial: Insights From Academic Partners, Community Partners, and Study Participants

Is this the right time for Sudan to replace diesel-powered generator systems with wind turbines?

The prevalence of dry eye in a very old population.

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