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Looking for the rustici II: Rural development and economic growth in northern Gaul

Advantages and pitfalls of the use of mobile Raman and XRF systems applied on cultural heritage objects in Tuscany (Italy)

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Colorimetry to assess the visual impact of dust deposition on mosaics at sheltered archaeological sites

Late Roman coarse wares from the Roman villa of Torre Llauder (Barcelona, Spain): Archaeometric characterisation

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Revisiting Ramla l-Ħamra Villa – New Discoveries and Observations on the Roman Villa Complex in Xagħra, Gozo

The Sculpted and Architectural Stonework from Stanwick Roman Villa, Northamptonshire

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Analysing, modelling and promoting tangible and intangible values of building heritage with historic flame lighting system

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The Early Christian Heracles

Grave goods from Sveta Lucija (Slovenia) in Groningen (the Netherlands). Contextualising old study collections

GPR Clutter Reflection Noise-Filtering through Singular Value Decomposition in the Bidimensional Spectral Domain

Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) time-lapse monitoring of the instability processes affecting Varano Hill: A case study of the ancient Roman site of Villa Arianna

What Happened in That Pit? An Archaeozoological and GIS Approach to Study an Accumulation of Animal Carcasses at the Roman Villa of Vilauba (Catalonia)

The AD 79 Vesuvius eruption: stratigraphy, lithofacies variations and impact of the pyroclastic current deposits within the archaeological sites of Pompeii and Stabiae (southern Italy)

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GPR Clutter Reflection Noise Filtering Through Singular Value Decomposition in the Bidimensional Spectral Domain

Assessing Late Antique villa transformation at individual sites: towards a spatial approach

Rethinking Lighting and Communication for a Cultural Asset, a Case Study: the Roman Villa La Consolata

Stigmata and the Cupids of Piazza Armerina

La villa de Rufio (Giano dell’Umbria, PG-Italia): fases constructivas y desarrollo de un modelo productivo esclavista

Consolidating efficacy of diammonium hydrogen phosphate on artificially aged and naturally weathered coarse-grained marble

Impact of Information Sources on Promoting Tourism in a Rural Region: The Case of the Roman Villa of Noheda


Il laboratorio di informatica per la Villa di Cottanello (RI): lo studio delle terrecotte architettoniche

Biodiversitas Mikroba Rizosfer Tanaman Jeruk Keprok Borneo Prima (Citrus reticulata cv Borneo Prima)

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Analytical characterization of ancient mortars from the archaeological roman site of Pisões (Beja, Portugal)

Diversity of food systems for securing future food availability

“Uomini e cose a Vignale”: bilancio di un decennio di archeologia pubblica, condivisa e (forse) sostenibile / “Uomini e cose a Vignale” (Peoples and Things at Vignale): appraisal of a decade of public, shared and (perhaps) sustainable archeology

Apple seeds in an excavated Roman amphora remained intact for 2000 years despite exposure to a broadly-degrading microbial community

A Multi-scalar Approach to Long-Term Dynamics, Spatial Relations and Economic Networks of Roman Secondary Settlements in Italy and the Ombrone Valley System (Southern Tuscany): Towards a Model?

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Peasant economy in Late Roman Alava: Zooarchaeology of Zornoztegi

Productive Waterscapes in the West-South of Europe: Using Circular Economy Theory to Drive the Change from a Linear to a Circular Paradigm of Water and Greenways

Daily Food Consumption in a Rural Roman Villa: Excavations at Lički Ribnik, Croatia

Review: The Roman Villa in theMediterranean Basin: Late Republic to Late Antiquity, edited by Annalisa Marzano and Guy P. R. Métraux

Contribution to the Corpus of the Roman mosaics of Conuentus Bracaraugustanus: Study of the geometric mosaic of the Roman Villa of Sendim, Felgueiras, Porto, Portugal

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Roman Villa 罗马别墅

Roman Villa 罗马别墅
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