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Los vínculos entre la sal y el dios Hércules en Roma, Ostia y Alba Fucens = The Links between Salt and the God Hercules in Rome, Ostia and Alba Fucens

Raison d’état, Religion, and the Body in The Rape of Lucrece

Of asses and nymphs: Machiavelli, Platonic theology and Epicureanism in Florence

Rola pamięci w relacjach starożytnych Rzymian z bogami

The Historian (of Religions) as Detective

Atualizando o debate sobre os judeus da África do Norte

Against the Authority of Books: Hobbes and the Invention of Political Science

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The role of spatial visual analysis in historical religious studies

Una revisión historiográfica sobre el culto a la domus imperatoria: siglos XX y XXI = A historiographical review of the cult of domus imperatoria during the 20th and 21st centuries

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Roman Religion 罗马宗教

Roman Religion 罗马宗教
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