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An ultra-light, superhydrophobic and thermal insulation ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene foam

Facilely Fabricating Superhydrophobic Resin-based Coatings with Lower Water Freezing Temperature and Ice Adhesion for Anti-icing Application

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A mechanically robust slippery surface with ‘corn-like’ structures fabricated by in-situ growth of TiO2 on attapulgite

Robust Superhydrophobic Sepiolite-Coated Polyurethane Sponge for Highly Efficient and Recyclable Oil Absorption

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Development Of Highly Durable Superhydrophobic And UV-Resistant Wood By E-Beam Radiation Curing

Development of highly durable superhydrophobic and UV-resistant wood by E-beam radiation curing

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Efficient and economical approach for flexible photothermal icephobic copper mesh with robust superhydrophobicity and active deicing property.

Robust superhydrophobicity: mechanisms and strategies.

Magnetically Responsive Film Decorated with Microcilia for Robust and Controllable Manipulation of Droplets.

One-Step Fabrication of Robust Superhydrophobic Steel Surfaces with Mechanical Durability, Thermal Stability, and Anti-icing Function.

Mechanical Stability of PDMS-based Micro/Nano-Textured Flexible Superhydrophobic Surfaces under External Loading.

Multifunctional magnetic superhydrophobic carbonaceous aerogel with micro/nano-scale hierarchical structures for environmental remediation and energy storage

Synthesis of mesoporous silica-shell/oil-core microspheres for common waterborne polymer coatings with robust superhydrophobicity

Preparation of golf ball-shaped microspheres with fluorinated polycaprolactone via single-solvent electrospraying for superhydrophobic coatings

Transparent and stretchable bimodal triboelectric nanogenerators with hierarchical micro-nanostructures for mechanical and water energy harvesting

Facile fabrication of environmentally friendly bio-based superhydrophobic surfaces via UV-polymerization for self-cleaning and high efficient oil/water separation

Corrosion resistance for superwetting immiscible oil/water separation porous materials

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Robust Superhydrophobicity 强大的超疏水性

Robust Superhydrophobicity 强大的超疏水性
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