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Assessment of air quality in car cabin in and around Paris from on-board measurements and comparison with 2007 data

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Experimental investigation on rock breaking performance of cutter assisted with hydraulic fracturing

Failure Mechanism Analysis and Support Technology for Roadway Tunnel in Fault Fracture Zone: A Case Study

Application of stable carbon and hydrogen isotope technology in the determination of gas sources from limestone layers at Shuangliu mine, China

Study on the Freeze-Thaw Process of the Lining Structures of a Tunnel on Qinghai-Tibet Plateau with the Consideration of Lining Frost Damage

Vulnerability of Drop Ceilings in Roadway Tunnels to Fire-Induced Damage


Reusing Jet Grouting Waste as Filler for Road Asphalt Mixtures of Base Layers

Distribution Law of Mining Stress of the Gob-Side Entry Retaining in Deep Mining Thin Coal Seam

Experimental research and application of automatically formed roadway without advance tunneling

Error Compensation of Strapdown Inertial Navigation System for the Boom-Type Roadheader under Complex Vibration

Comparison of vehicle emissions by EMFAC-HK model and tunnel measurement in Hong Kong

Development of real-world emission factors for on-road vehicles from motorway tunnel measurements

Numerical Study on Thermal Insulation of a Roadway Tunnel at Southeast Edge of the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau

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Model Properties for Efficient Synthesis of Nonblocking Modular Supervisors

Design Criteria Of Electrical Systems For Roadway Tunnels Tested By Fire Simulations

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Roadway Tunnel 公路隧道

Roadway Tunnel 公路隧道
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