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Understanding the intention to revisit a destination by expanding the theory of planned behaviour (TPB)

A Perspective From Indonesian Tourists: The Influence Of Destination Image On Revisit Intention

Participate in volunteer tourism again? Effect of volunteering value on temporal re-participation intention

Leveraging “human-likeness” of robotic service at restaurants

Perceived hygiene attributes in the hotel industry: customer retention amid the COVID-19 crisis

Linking brand attitude to word-of-mouth and revisit intentions in the restaurant sector

Understanding the intention to revisit a destination by expanding the theory of planned behaviour (TPB)


Extending the memorable tourism experience model: a study of coffee tourism in Vietnam

Antecedents of the Green Behavioral Intentions of Hotel Guests: A Developing Country Perspective

Understanding Potential and Repeat Visitors’ Travel Intentions: The Roles of Travel Motivations, Destination Image, and Visitor Image Congruity

The Mediating Role of Major Sport Events in Visitors’ Satisfaction, Dissatisfaction, and Intention to Revisit a Destination

The role of travel constraints in shaping nostalgia, destination attachment and revisit intentions and the moderating effect of prevention regulatory focus

Impact of apps aesthetics on revisit intentions of food delivery apps: The mediating role of pleasure and arousal

Rookie Tourism Destinations—The Effects of Attractiveness Factors on Destination Image and Revisit Intention with the Satisfaction Mediation Effect

Extracting revisit intentions from social media big data: a rule-based classification model

Destination gender: Scale development and cross-cultural validation

Factors Determining the Revisit Intentions of the Tourists: A case study of Bhutan

Social distancing: The effect of density and power on restaurant consumers

Does brand love matter to casual restaurants? A multi-group path analysis

Study on the Influence of Cultural Contact and Tourism Memory on the Intention to Revisit: A Case Study of Cultural and Creative Districts

Effect of Hotel Air Quality Management on Guests’ Cognitive and Affective Images and Revisit Intentions


Event attendance motives, host city evaluation, and behavioral intentions: An empirical study of Rio 2016

Assessing Tourist Revisit Intention through the Sports and Recreational Services Offered

Hungry for more: understanding young domestic travellers’ return for Penang street food

Consumer engagement: the role of social currency in online reviews

An evaluation of recreational benefits and tribal tourism development for aboriginal villages after post-disaster reconstruction - a case study of Taiwan

Antecedents of loyalty intentions among young adult tourists: a survey

Sport event tourists’ (SET’s) behavior: a case study of the PyeongChang Winter Olympics

A Study on the Influence of the Motivation of the Reality Travel Program on the Viewing Satisfaction and Visiting Intention

Different levels of destination expectation: The effects of online advertising and electronic word-of-mouth

The antecedents of tourist attitudes to revisit and revisit intentions for coastal tourism

A Perspective From Indonesian Tourists: The Influence Of Destination Image On Revisit Intention

Digital Borders, Location Recognition, and Experience Attribution within a Digital Geography


Exploring destination psychological ownership among tourists: Antecedents and outcomes

Tourist Satisfaction and Destination Loyalty in Heritage Sites of Shiraz, Iran

Tourists’ Perception on Memorable Tourism Experience Towards Their Revisit Intentions to Islamic Tourism Destination in Shah Alam, Selangor

The relationship between food neophobia, domain-specific innovativeness, and food festival revisit intentions: A structural equation modeling approach

The impact of perceived price justice and satisfaction on loyalty: the mediating effect of revisit intention

Complexity and Simplification in Understanding Travel Preferences Among Tourists

Can signaling impact customer satisfaction and behavioral intentions in times of service failure?: evidence from open versus closed kitchen restaurants

Assessing Visitors’ Memorable Tourism Experiences (MTEs) in Forest Recreation Destination: A Case Study in Xitou Nature Education Area

In defence of the domestic tourist - a comparison of domestic and international tourists’ revisit-intentions, word-of-mouth propensity, satisfaction and expenditures

The influence of stadium environment on attendance intentions in spectator sport: the moderating role of team loyalty

Social servicescape and Asian students: An analysis of spring break island bed and breakfast experiences in Taiwan

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Revisit Intentions 重温意图

Revisit Intentions 重温意图
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