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[Quality Assurance in Intensive Care Medicine: Peer Reviews and Quality Indicators].

Transparency in peer review: Exploring the content and tone of reviewers’ confidential comments to editors

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Effective use of online review systems: Congruent managerial responses and firm competitive performance

Impact of Factors of Online Deceptive Reviews on Customer Purchase Decision Based on Machine Learning

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WhoDo: automating reviewer suggestions at scale

Why is my code change abandoned?

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Review Systems sentence examples within Judicial Review Systems

The History and Growth of Judicial Review, Volume 2

Judicial Protection and Competitive Award Procedures in Germany

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Contemporary uses of trauma video review: a scoping review.

Enhancing Concussion Management in the National Football League: Evolution and Initial Results of the Unaffiliated Neurotrauma Consultants Program, 2012-2017.

Review of methods for animal videography using camera systems that automatically move to follow the animal.

Review of Functional Treatments for Modified Wood

Are you satisfied or satiated by the games you play? An empirical study about game play and purchase patterns by genres

Navigating Family Involvement in Domestic Violence Fatality Review: Conceptualising Prospects for Systems and Relational Repair

Assessing Computer-Based Assessments

Discrete-Time Robust Control With an Anticipative Action for Preview Systems

Blockchain: a paradigm shift in business practices

Wide-Ranging Review Manipulation Attacks: Model, Empirical Study, and Countermeasures

Review of Robotic Needle Guide Systems for Percutaneous Intervention

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Review Systems 审查系统

Review Systems 审查系统
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