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Distinct blood and milk 18-carbon fatty acid proportions and buccal bacterial populations in dairy cows differing in reticulorumen pH response to dietary supplementation of rapidly fermentable carbohydrates.

Short communication: Blood metabolites, body reserves, and feed efficiency of high-producing dairy cows that varied in ruminal pH when fed a high-concentrate diet.

Grass silage particle size when fed with or without maize silage alters performance, reticular pH and metabolism of Holstein-Friesian dairy cows.

Feeding hay rich in water‐soluble carbohydrates improves ruminal pH without affecting rumination and systemic health in early lactation dairy cows

Graded replacement of corn grain with molassed sugar beet pulp modulates the fecal microbial community and hindgut fermentation profile in lactating dairy cows.

Supplementation of a clay mineral-based product modulates plasma metabolomic profile and liver enzymes in cattle fed grain-rich diets

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Reticular Ph 网状Ph

Reticular Ph 网状Ph
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