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Resin System sentence examples within differential scanning calorimetry

An Efficient Thermal Cure Profile for Thick Parts Made by Reactive Processing of Acrylic Thermoplastic Composites

Small-diameter optical fibre sensor embedment for ambient temperature cure monitoring and residual strain evaluation of CFRP composite laminates produced by vacuum-assisted resin infusion

Resin System sentence examples within Epoxy Resin System

Evaluation and neural network prediction of the wear behaviour of SiC microparticle-filled epoxy resins

Preparation, dielectric and thermomechanical properties of a novel epoxy resin system cured at room temperature

Resin System sentence examples within Dental Resin System

Physicochemical Properties, Anti-Adhesion Effect against S. mutans, and Resistance to Mucin Adsorption of Dental Resins Contained Synthesized Silicone Methacrylates

Modified POSS nano-structures as novel co-initiator-crosslinker: Synthesis and characterization.

Resin System sentence examples within Thermosetting Resin System

Recycling of Elium CFRPs for high temperature dissolution: a study with different solvents

Consistency Under Applied Pressure Test CAPT - A Novel Method for Evaluating Pressure Effect on the Gel Time of Thermosetting Resin

Resin System sentence examples within Modified Resin System

Improving Thermal and Chemical Stabilities of Electronic Epoxies using Polysiloxane Copolymers Part II: Block Copolymers

Permeability Characterization and Impregnation Strategies with Nanoparticle-Modified Resin Systems

Resin System sentence examples within New Resin System

Simulated lightning strike investigation of CFRP comprising a novel polyaniline/phenol based electrically conductive resin matrix

Lithography’s endgame: the last wavelength and Moore’s Law 2.0

Resin System sentence examples within Composite Resin System

Digital selection of composite resin shade using cross polarized photography and a standardized white balance gray reference card

Do resin core build-ups obtain the benefits of higher bonding ability from direct or indirect technique?

Resin System sentence examples within Acrylic Resin System

Suppressing Antibacterial Resistance: Chemical Binding of Monolayer Quaternary Ammonium Salts to Polymethyl Methacrylate in an Aqueous Solution and Its Clinical Efficacy

A low-shrinkage dental composite with epoxy-polyhedral oligomeric silsesquioxane.

Resin System sentence examples within Acrylate Resin System

Fabrication of Foldable Composite Structures Obtained by Selective Curing of Prepregs Made of Long-fibre Reinforcements Impregnated with UV-curable Resin System

Roll-to-roll micromolding of UV curable coatings

Resin System sentence examples within Alternative Resin System

The Potential Use of Seaweed (Posidonia oceanica) as an Alternative Lignocellulosic Raw Material for Wood Composites Manufacture

Hygrothermal ageing of pultruded GFRP profiles: Comparative study of unsaturated polyester and vinyl ester resin matrices

Resin System sentence examples within Adhesive Resin System

Environmental Resistance and Fatigue Behaviors of Epoxy/Nano-Boron Nitride Thermally Conductive Structural Film Adhesive Toughened by Polyphenoxy

Effect of post-space irrigation with acid solutions on bond strength and dentin penetrability using a self-adhesive cementation system

Resin System sentence examples within Liquid Resin System


Solid epoxy resin systems for automated composite manufacturing

Resin System sentence examples within Reactive Resin System

Properties of Two-Component Installation Materials

Concept for Darcy-based viscosity measurement for fast-curing resin systems

Resin System sentence examples within Curing Resin System

Optimal design and experimental investigation of teeth connection joint on a filament wound composite transmission shaft

Influence of resin curing cycle on the deformation of filament wound composites by in situ strain monitoring

Resin System sentence examples within Organic Resin System

Development of multicolor 3D-printed 3Y-ZrO2 sintered bodies by optimizing rheological properties of UV-curable high-content ceramic nanocomposites

Dimensional stability of short fibre reinforced flowable dental composites

Evaluation of reused polyester resin from PET bottles for application as a potential barrier material

Qualification of an Epoxy Resin System for Use in Secondarily Formable CFRP Rebars

Rapid and non-destructive quality verification of epoxy resin product using ATR-FTIR spectroscopy coupled with chemometric methods

More Resin System 树脂系统 sentence examples

Enhancing the short-beam strength of composite laminates using helical carbon nanotubes

Analysis of the mechanical composite properties of ii-chamber variations in the closed injection pultrusion process

Interfacial Adhesion of a Semi-Interpenetrating Polymer Network-Based Fiber-Reinforced Composite with a High and Low-Gradient Poly(methyl methacrylate) Resin Surface

Evaluation of depth-wise post-gel polymerisation shrinkage behaviour of flowable dental composites.

More Resin System 树脂系统 sentence examples

The influence of molecular structure on the thermal properties and processability of nitrile-based resin molecules

Study on the curing behavior of polythiol/phenolic/epoxy resin and the mechanical and thermal properties of the composites

More Resin System 树脂系统 sentence examples

Synthesis of Biobased Novolac Phenol–Formaldehyde Wood Adhesives from Biorefinery-Derived Lignocellulosic Biomass

Bacterial cellulose integrated irregularly shaped microcapsules enhance self-healing efficiency and mechanical properties of green soy protein resins

More Resin System 树脂系统 sentence examples

On the physical relevance of power law-based equations to describe the compaction behaviour of resin infused fibrous materials

Modelling and optimization of the impact strength of plantain (Musa paradisiacal) fibre/MWCNT hybrid nanocomposite using response surface methodology

Experimental Studies of Resin Systems for Ablative Thermal Protection System

More Resin System 树脂系统 sentence examples

On the source of the thermoelastic response from orthotropic fibre reinforced composite laminates

Experimental and Numerical Comparison of Impact Behavior between Thermoplastic and Thermoset Composite for Wind Turbine Blades

More Resin System 树脂系统 sentence examples

Design of an Impact Absorbing Composite Panel from Denim Wastes and Acrylated Epoxidized Soybean Oil based Epoxy Resins

More Resin System 树脂系统 sentence examples

Phosphazene as an effective flame retardant for rapid curing epoxy resins

Investigation into high velocity impact response of pre-loaded hybrid nanocomposite structure

More Resin System 树脂系统 sentence examples

Kraft lignin/cubic boron nitride hybrid materials as functional components for abrasive tools.

More Resin System 树脂系统 sentence examples

A Novel Simulative-Experimental Approach to Determine the Permeability of Technical Textiles

Short Beam Shear Strength Evaluations of GFRP Composites: Correlations Through Accelerated and Natural Aging

More Resin System 树脂系统 sentence examples

Meso-scale modelling and failure analysis of kenaf fiber reinforced composites under high strain rate compression loading

Seawater ageing effect on the mechanical properties of composites with different fiber and matrix types

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