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“Bubbling” the Fourth Age in the Time of COVID-19

Pharmacist‐led interventions to reduce adverse drug events in older people living in residential aged care facilities: A systematic review

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Why is it so hard to organise healthcare for older people in residential aged care facilities in Australia?

Can a Modified Environment Assessment Tool Guide Priorities for Minor Refurbishments at a Residential Aged Care Facility?

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Healthcare-providers experiences with Advance Care Planning and Goals of Patient Care medical treatment orders in Residential Aged Care Facilities; an explanatory descriptive study.

Residential aged care leadership in Australia - time for a compassionate approach: a qualitative analysis of key leader skills and attributes.

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The new dynamics of residential aged care in Australia: continuity and change.

Cohort profile: Dementia in the Registry of Senior Australians

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Essential oils for agitation in dementia [rELOAD]: A pragmatic, cluster-randomized, placebo-controlled, pilot feasibility trial

Non-Pharmacological Approaches to Pain Management in Residential Aged Care: a Pre-Post-Test Study

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Psychotropic medicine prescribing and polypharmacy for people with dementia entering residential aged care: the influence of changing general practitioners

Shaping attitudes: The association between prior contact with residential aged care and resistance to enter residential aged care.

Residential Aged sentence examples within residential aged care

Feasibility of Group-Based Multiple Virtual Reality Sessions to Reduce Behavioral and Psychological Symptoms in Persons Living in Residential Aged Care.

Reshaping healthcare delivery for elderly patients: the role of community paramedicine; a systematic review

Feasibility of Group-Based Multiple Virtual Reality Sessions to Reduce Behavioral and Psychological Symptoms in Persons Living in Residential Aged Care.

Reshaping healthcare delivery for elderly patients: the role of community paramedicine; a systematic review

Inadequate Completion Of Advance Care Directives By Individuals With Dementia: National Audit Of Health And Aged Care Facilities

Perspectives of operational staff working in residential care and aged care reforms.

Sleeping-related distress in a palliative care population: A national, prospective, consecutive cohort

Emergency ambulance demand by older adults from rural and regional Victoria, Australia.

Individualised music for people living with dementia and the experiences and perceptions of residential aged care staff: A qualitative study.

Organisational and advance care planning program characteristics associated with advance care directive completion: a prospective multicentre cross-sectional audit among health and residential aged care services caring for older Australians

Medical care in Australian residential aged care: Perspectives of residents, family, nurses and general practitioners.

COVID-19 and sites of confinement: Public health, disposable lives and legal accountability in immigration detention and aged care

Residential aged care facility COVID‐19 outbreaks and magnitude of spread among residents: observations from a Victorian residential in‐reach service

The Role of Instrumental Swallowing Assessment in Adults in Residential Aged Care Homes: A National Modified Delphi Survey Examining Beliefs and Practices

Nurses’ provisions for self-determination in residents with cognitive impairment who live in a residential aged care facility: a scoping review

What Is the Community Pharmacists’ Role in Supporting Older Australians with Palliative Care Needs?

Simulation and coaching to prevent aggressive events in aged care: A pilot study.

Prevalence of multiple risk factors for poor outcomes associated with COVID-19 among an elderly Australian population.

Multifactorial falls interventions for people over 65 years in the acute hospital setting: An integrative review

Advance care planning participation by people with dementia: a cross-sectional survey and medical record audit

Strategies for Recruiting People With Dementia to Music Therapy Studies: Systematic Review.

Medications use among women with dementia: a cohort study

Multicentre stepped-wedge cluster randomised controlled trial of an antimicrobial stewardship programme in residential aged care: protocol for the START trial

Preliminary evidence for the impact of digital life stories about aged care residents on staff knowledge and understanding regarding those residents; A single arm trial.

Are the Recommended Physical Activity Guidelines Practical and Realistic for Older People With Complex Medical Issues?

Evaluation of a commissioned end-of-life care service in Australian aged care facilities

Mini Nutritional Assessment and physical function of older people in residential aged care facility, Bangladesh.

The Frailty In Residential Sector over Time (FIRST) study: methods and baseline cohort description

Insights on Palliative Care

Burden of cardiovascular diseases in older adults using aged care services.

Assessing adherence and exploring barriers to provision of prescribed texture modifications for dysphagia in a residential aged care facility in rural Australia.

Tropical Australian Health-Data Linkage Shows Excess Mortality Following Severe Infectious Disease Is Present in the Short-Term and Long-Term after Hospital Discharge

Strategies to simplify complex medication regimens.

Towards simpler medication regimens: understanding and addressing complex medication regimens for older people

Perceptions and experiences of risk management by managers of residential aged care facilities: a qualitative study from Hunan Province, China

The Effect of Reminiscence Therapy Using Virtual Reality on Apathy in Residential Aged Care: Multisite Nonrandomized Controlled Trial.

Outcome measures of palliative care programs and interventions implemented in nursing homes: a scoping review protocol.

Conducting Population Health Research during the COVID-19 Pandemic: Impacts and Recommendations

Virtual visits: Reminiscence in residential aged care with digital mapping technologies

Not in the Brochure: Porneia and Residential Aged Care

Impact of an acute geriatric outreach service to residential aged care facilities on hospital admissions

National Survey on the Impact of COVID-19 on the Mental Health of Australian Residential Aged Care Residents and Staff.

Hospital admission as a deprescribing triage point for patients discharged to Residential Aged Care Facilities.

Influence of Exercise Environment on Attentional Awareness and Emotional Changes Among Elderly

Meal choice for residential aged care is not yet defined: A scoping review of policies, standards, reports and guidelines.

The impact on health outcomes of implementing electronic health records to support the care of older people in residential aged care: A scoping review

064 False positive RT-QuIC test for creutzfeldt jakob disease in dementia with status epilepticus

Frailty screening among older adults receiving home care packages: a study of feasibility and prevalence.

Attitudes to Drug Use in Residential Aged Care Facilities: A Cross-Sectional Survey of Nurses and Care Staff

Identification of Medications that Increase Fall Risk among Residents in Residential Aged Care Facilities in Klang Valley, Malaysia

Can a US age-friendly health systems framework be relevant to the Australian rural health context?

The Essence of Care: Versatility as an Adaptive Response to Challenges in the Delivery of Quality Aged Care by Personal Care Attendants.

What predicts consumer experience in residential aged care? An analysis of consumer experience report data.

Preparing dental graduates to provide care for frail and care-dependent older patients: An educational intervention

Impact of Medication Regimen Simplification on Medication Incidents in Residential Aged Care: SIMPLER Randomized Controlled Trial

A Qualitative Exploration of Aged-Care Residents’ Everyday Music Listening Practices and How These May Support Psychosocial Well-Being

Palliative care and COVID-19 in the Australian context: a review of patients with COVID-19 referred to palliative care.

Clinical pathways for the evidence-based management of behavioural and psychological symptoms of dementia in a residential aged care facility: A rapid review.

Guidelines for Developing the VR Program in Residential Aged Care: A Preliminary Study from Staff Members’ Perspective

Increasing understanding of environmental modifications using the Virtual Dementia Experience for professional carers of people living with dementia.

Leadership Skills And Quality Health Care For Older Australians

Evaluation of an online course for prevention of unwanted sexual behaviour in residential aged care services-A pilot study.

Re-imagining care transitions for people with dementia and complex support needs in residential aged care: using co-designed sensory objects and a focused ethnography to recognise micro transitions

Energy Reduction Potential of Biomimetic Building Facades for Different Building Typologies in Different Climate Zones

Residential Medication Management Reviews and continuous polypharmacy among older Australian women

Impact of musculoskeletal conditions among those in residential aged care in Australia.

Preferred Place of Death-A Study of 2 Specialist Community Palliative Care Services in Australia.

Caring self-efficacy of direct care workers in residential aged care settings: A mixed methods scoping review.

New Horizons for Immigrant Nurses Through a Mental Health Self-Management Program: A Pre- and Post-Test Mixed-Method Approach

Ownership, quality and prices of nursing homes in Australia: Why greater private sector participation did not improve performance.

An aged life has less value: A qualitative analysis of moral disengagement and care failures evident in Royal Commission oral testimony.

The guidelines and policies that influence the conduct of Animal-Assisted Activities in Residential Aged-Care Facilities: A systematic integrative review.

Social Inclusion and Isolation: Research for the Post-COVID Era and Beyond

Oral health interventions for older people in residential aged care facilities: a protocol for a realist systematic review

Aged care residents’ prioritization of care: A mixed‐methods study

Is Australia over‐reliant on residential aged care to support our older population?

Self-efficacy of direct care workers providing care to older people in residential aged care settings: a scoping review protocol

Optimizing In-Home Care Services to Avoid Residential Aged Care Admission: An Australian Pilot Study

Barriers and facilitators of meaningful engagement among older migrants living with dementia in residential aged care facilities: A mixed studies systematic review.

Integrating pharmacists into aged care facilities to improve the quality use of medicine (PiRACF Study): protocol for a cluster randomised controlled trial

Person-centred Australian residential aged care services: how well do actions match the claims?

Strength of Improvement Recommendations From Injurious Fall Investigations: A Retrospective Multi-Incident Analysis.

Impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the Australian residential aged care facility (RACF) workforce

Inadequate completion of advance care directives by individuals with dementia: national audit of health and aged care facilities

Injury-Related Emergency Department Presentations Among Residential Aged Care Residents in Victoria, Australia.

Lessons from a successful public health response to COVID‐19 in a New South Wales residential aged care facility, 2020

Prevention of SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) transmission in residential aged care using ultraviolet light (PETRA): a two-arm crossover randomised controlled trial protocol

Improving clinical experiences for nursing students in nursing homes: An integrative literature review.

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Residential Aged 住宅老人

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