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Use of smartphone video calls in the diagnosis of oral lesions: Teleconsultations between a specialist and patients assisted by a general dentist.

Impact of Misclassification Rates on Compression Efficiency of Red Blood Cell Images of Malaria Infection Using Deep Learning

Applying Cross-modality Data Processing for Infarction Learning in Medical Internet of Things

DwiMark: a multiscale robust deep watermarking framework for diffusion-weighted imaging images

On a hybrid lossless compression technique for three‐dimensional medical images

Incorporating mHealth Interventions into Kenya’s Health Infrastructure to Augment Universal Health Coverage, Service Delivery Improvement Approach

Abstract PR-01: Real-time, point-of-care pathology diagnosis via embedded deep learning

Lab-in-a-Phone: A lightweight oblique incidence reflectometer based on smartphone

Self‐Powerbility in Electrical Stimulation Drug Delivery System

Whatsapp platform as a teledentistry tool in oral and maxillofacial pathologies in Senegal

A privacy protection scheme for telemedicine diagnosis based on double blockchain

What Is the Best Way for Patients to Take Photographs of Medical Images (Radiographs, CT, and MRI) Using a Smartphone?

Teledermatology during COVID era: Our experience

Undisturbed Mental State Assessment in the 5G Era: A Case Study of Depression Detection Based on Facial Expressions

Use of smartphone video calls in the diagnosis of oral lesions: Teleconsultations between a specialist and patients assisted by a general dentist.

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Artificial Intelligence-based Remote Diagnosis of Sleep Apnea using Instantaneous Heart Rates

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Internet of Everything in Healthcare: Reconciling the Risks and Benefits of Data Sharing in IoT-Enabled Telehealth Environments

TCN-Based Diagnostic Model for the Severity of Coronary Atherosclerotic Heart Disease Using Wrist Pulse Wave Sequence

Real-Time Monitoring and Reminding of Remote Peritoneal Dialysis System Based on the Principle of Least Squares

The post-pandemic legacy: the breakthrough of digital health and telemedicine

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Telemedicine Mobile Robot - Robots to Assist in Remote Medical

ROTed: Random Oblivious Transfer for embedded devices

Patient views on a proposed oral cancer screening technology

BIM for Smart Hospital Management during COVID-19 Using MCDM

The contribution of teledentistry in detecting tooth erosion in patients with eating disorders

Remote detection of arrhythmias using Apple watch: A useful wearable during COVID-19 pandemic

Algorithm-Assisted Detection and Imaging of microRNAs in Living Cancer Cells via the Disassembly of Plasmonic Core-Satellite Probes Coupled with Strand Displacement Amplification.

Background gamma radiation and plant photosynthesis

Scalable Fabrication of Kevlar/Ti3C2Tx MXene Intelligent Wearable Fabrics with Multiple Sensory Capabilities.

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A secure framework for remote diagnosis in health care: A high capacity reversible data hiding technique for medical images

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[Challenges and opportunities of remote diagnosis and treatment management of sleep disordered breathing under the normalization of epidemic situation].

MRI-based brain tumor segmentation using FPGA-accelerated neural network

Smart Healthcare System Based on Cloud-Internet of Things and Deep Learning

Remote Diagnosis Method of Substation Equipment Fault Based on Image Recognition Technology

Automated Health Diagnostic System

Blockchain-Based Mutual Authentication Protocol with Privacy Protection in Telemedicine

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Covid-19: e-Learning as a tool for improving the knowledge

Intelligent Diagnosis of Equipment Health Based on IOT and Operation Large Data Analysis

A Blockchain-Enabled Framework for mHealth Systems

Non-Contact Methods for High-Voltage Insulation Equipment Diagnosis during Operation

Using smart speakers to contactlessly monitor heart rhythms

Cloud Computing-Based Framework for Breast Cancer Diagnosis Using Extreme Learning Machine

Integrative Wireless Device for Remote Continuous Blood Biomarker Monitoring

Digital Pathology in Cameroon

Wearable Internet of Things enabled precision livestock farming in smart farms: A review of technical solutions for precise perception, biocompatibility, and sustainability monitoring

Remote Atrial Fibrillation Burden Estimation Using Deep Recurrent Neural Network

A novel cross cosine map based medical image cryptosystem using dynamic bit-level diffusion

The telediagnosis of double aortic arch using spatio‐temporal image correlation

A blockchain-based preserving and sharing system for medical data privacy

The Development of an Ethernet-based Portable Embedded Isolated ECG System

Targeted Ensemble Machine Classification Approach for Supporting IoT Enabled Skin Disease Detection

Classification of Bladder Emptying Patterns by LSTM Neural Network Trained Using Acoustic Signatures

Design and implementation of wearable medical monitoring system on the internet of things

Improving Diagnosis through Digital Pathology: A Proof-of-concept Implementation using Smart Contracts and Decentralized file storage (IPFS) (Preprint)

Trusted Verification of Over-the-Air (OTA) Secure Software Updates on COTS Embedded Systems

Teledentistry and its applications in paediatric dentistry: A literature review

Telemedicine Among Oral Medicine Practitioners During COVID-19 Pandemic and Its Future Impact on the Specialty

Smartphone-based multispectral imaging otoscope for the diagnosis of otitis media (Conference Presentation)

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Construction of national stroke center network system

A Fast Fractal Based Compression for MRI Images

Tele-Pathology: A Use Case In Colombia

Mobile Screening Units for the Early Detection of Breast Cancer and Cardiovascular Disease: A Pilot Telemedicine Study in Southern Italy.

Remote Access and Automation of SONIC Analysis System

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[Application status and prospects of telemedicine in the field of burns].

Remote Diagnosis of Heart Disease Using Telemedicine

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Impact of Misclassification Rates on Compression Efficiency of Red Blood Cell Images of Malaria Infection Using Deep Learning

State-of-Art, Modular, Cloud Enabled Video Collaboration Solution for Next Generation Manufacturing Industries

On Track: A Series of Research about the Effects of Increasing Railway Automation on the Train Driver

Ambulatory cardiac bio-signals: From mirage to clinical reality through a decade of progress

Telemedicine for SUD: Underused, but will it even help outcomes or reduce costs?

An adaptive anchored neighborhood regression method for medical image enhancement

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Evaluation of a Remote Diagnosis Imaging Model vs Dilated Eye Examination in Referable Macular Degeneration.

Results From the First Teleglaucoma Pilot Project in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Colorimetric biosensor using dual‐amplification of enzyme‐free reaction through universal hybridization chain reaction system

Intelligent fault diagnosis system based on big data

Using Telemedicine to Diagnose Surgical Site Infections in Low- and Middle-Income Countries: Systematic Review

Design of Ship Information Transmission for Remote Fault Diagnosis

Novel Considerations in Reducing Noise during FECG Signal Transmission

Diagnostic utility of a portable multimodal microscope for malaria treatment at the point-of-care (Conference Presentation)

A Remote System for the Diagnosis and Emergency Care of Epileptic Seizures

Remote Diagnosis of Architectural Heritage Based on 5W1H Model-Based Metadata in Virtual Reality

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Remote Diagnosis 远程诊断
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