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Regularization Methods sentence examples within ill posed problem

On level set type methods for elliptic Cauchy problems

Wavelet deconvolution technique for impact force reconstruction: mutual deconvolution approach

Regularization Methods sentence examples within Variou Regularization Methods

Recommendations for regularization in the inverse estimation of ice-induced propeller moments for ice-going vessels

R package for statistical inference in dynamical systems using kernel based gradient matching: KGode

Regularization Methods sentence examples within Iterative Regularization Methods

A model reduction approach for inverse problems with operator valued data

A novel iterative integration regularization method for ill-posed inverse problems

Regularization Methods sentence examples within Two Regularization Methods

Layer Pruning on Demand with Intermediate CTC

Estimation of surface density changes using a mascon method in GRACE-like missions

Regularization Methods sentence examples within New Regularization Methods

Sparseness, consistency and model selection for Markov regime-switching Gaussian autoregressive models

On regularization methods based on dynamic programming techniques

Regularization Methods sentence examples within Existing Regularization Methods

CRLEDD: Regularized Causalities Learning for Early Detection of Diseases Using Electronic Health Record (EHR) Data

A Joint Framework for Seismic Signal Denoising Using Total Generalized Variation and Shearlet Transform

Regularization Methods sentence examples within Conventional Regularization Methods

Data-driven pre-stack AVO inversion method based on fast orthogonal dictionary

Unimodal Cyclic Regularization For Training Multimodal Image Registration Networks

Regularization Methods sentence examples within Different Regularization Methods

Forecasting of customer demands for production planning by local k-nearest neighbor models

Model-based X-ray Induced Acoustic Computed Tomography.

Regularization Methods sentence examples within Variational Regularization Methods

Hyperspectral Image Denoising with Collaborative Total Variation and Low Rank Regularization

Flexible Krylov Methods for Edge Enhancement in Imaging.

Regularization Methods sentence examples within Manifold Regularization Methods

Cross-covariance based affinity for graphs

Unsupervised Selective Manifold Regularized Matrix Factorization

Regularization Methods sentence examples within Traditional Regularization Methods

Reconstruction of conductivity distribution with electrical impedance tomography based on hybrid regularization method

Downward continuation of airborne gravity data based on iterative methods

Regularization Methods sentence examples within Lasso Regularization Methods

Measurement campaign and mathematical model construction for the ship Zodiak magnetic signature reproduction

Logistic regression classification model identifying drugs of abuse based on their ATR-FTIR spectra: Case study on LASSO and Ridge regularization methods

Regularization Methods sentence examples within Special Regularization Methods

Regularization Algorithms for Increasing the Stability of the Solution to the Inverse Problem in Precision Monitoring of Electrical Resistivity Using the VES Method

SparseMaps: Convolutional networks with sparse feature maps for tiny image classification

Regularization Methods sentence examples within Weight Regularization Methods

Norm Loss: An efficient yet effective regularization method for deep neural networks

Utilizing Class Information for Deep Network Representation Shaping

Regularization Methods sentence examples within Art Regularization Methods

Multi-Structure Deep Segmentation With Shape Priors And Latent Adversarial Regularization

Improving Data Analytics with Fast and Adaptive Regularization

Regularization Methods sentence examples within Tikhonov Regularization Methods

Numerical Study of the Inverse Problem of Generalized Burgers–Fisher and Generalized Burgers–Huxley Equations

Tensor Krylov subspace methods with an invertible linear transform product applied to image processing

Regularization Methods sentence examples within Related Regularization Methods

Regularization in a functional reproducing kernel Hilbert space

Fast Roughness Minimizing Image Restoration Under Mixed Poisson–Gaussian Noise

Regularization Methods sentence examples within Convex Regularization Methods

A non-convex regularization approach for stable estimation of loss development factors

Millimeter-wave massive MIMO channel estimation based on majorization-minimization approach

Variable selection for causal mediation analysis using LASSO-based methods

Online Thermal Effect Modeling and Prediction of Implantable Devices

Automatic Machine Learning Method for Hyper-parameter Search

Identifying the source function for time fractional diffusion with non-local in time conditions

A Multilevel Probabilistic Cerenkov Luminescence Tomography Reconstruction Framework Based on Energy Distribution Density Region Scaling

A new nonstationary preconditioned iterative method for linear discrete ill-posed problems with application to image deblurring

Linear Model Selection and Regularization for Serum Prostate-Specific Antigen Prediction of Patients With Prostate Cancer Using R

Learning Domain Invariant Representation via Self-Rugularization


More Regularization Methods 正则化方法 sentence examples

Design Smells in Deep Learning Programs: An Empirical Study

Adaptive Spatial-Temporal Regularization for Correlation Filters Based Visual Object Tracking

Optimal estimation of plasma boundary shape using magnetic probe measurements in Damavand tokamak

Accounting for Transport Error in Inversions: An Urban Synthetic Data Experiment

Regularized MAVE through the elastic net with correlated predictors

On obtaining sparse semantic solutions for inverse problems, control, and neural network training

Probability Guided Maxout

Regularized structural equation modeling with stability selection.

Dual Graph Convolutional Network for Hyperspectral Image Classification With Limited Training Samples

Density-Fixing: Simple yet Effective Regularization Method based on the Class Priors

Material classification in X-ray images based on multi-scale CNN

Ill-Posedness Determination of Moving Force Identification and Parameters Selection for Regularization Methods

Real-time reconstruction of external impact on fractional order system under measuring a part of coordinates

Divergent Integrals Treatment in Quantum Field Theory

Variational Information Bottleneck on Few Shot Model based on Weight Imprinting for Image Classification

Fighting Adversarial Images With Interpretable Gradients

Stable Identification of Sources Located on Interface of Nonhomogeneous Media

Parameter Selection Criteria for Tomo-SAR Focusing

A non-local damage approach compatible with dynamic explicit simulations and parallel computing

Experimental unfolding of X-ray spectra using a compton spectrometer

Convolutional Neural Networks With Dynamic Regularization

Deep Neural Networks Regularization Using a Combination of Sparsity Inducing Feature Selection Methods

Verification of the RRA-Algorithm Regularization for the Analysis of Stochastic Structures in Bioinformatic Intelligent Systems

A Comprehensive Machine Learning Framework for the Exact Prediction of the Age of Onset in Familial and Sporadic Alzheimer’s Disease

Market stability with machine learning agents

Quantum mechanics descriptors in a nano-QSAR model to predict metal oxide nanoparticles toxicity in human keratinous cells

A regularization method for linking brain and behavior.

An improved inversion algorithm to reconstruct 2D temperature fields of long sparks with high-speed schlieren technique

Micro-Networks for Robust MR-Guided Low Count PET Imaging

A Super-Resolution Imaging Method for Real-Aperture Scanning Radar Based on MRF Prior Model

MaxDropout: Deep Neural Network Regularization Based on Maximum Output Values

On semiseparable kernels and efficient implementation for regularized system identification and function estimation

Deep learning for motor imagery EEG-based classification: A review

A survey of deep network techniques all classifiers can adopt

Electrocardiographic imaging including intracardiac information to achieve accurate global mapping during atrial fibrillation

Impact of Parameter Tuning for Optimizing Deep Neural Network Models for Predicting Software Faults

Code Verification of Non-Newtonian Fluid Solvers for Single- and Two-Phase Laminar Flows

New iterative regularization methods for the multiple-sets split feasibility problem

Meshless approach based on MLS with additional constraints for large deformation analysis

Mapped Regularization Methods for the Cauchy Problem of the Helmholtz and Laplace Equations

The Role of CNN for Intrusion Detection Systems: An Improved CNN Learning Approach for SDNs

A new method for forward-looking scanning radar imaging based on L1/2 regularization

Regularization based discriminative feature pattern selection for the classification of Parkinson cases using machine learning

Two-Dimensional Bayesian Information Criteria for Spatial Poisson Point Process (Case Study: Spatial Distribution Modeling of a Tree Species in Barro Colorado Island)

Dynamic Knowledge Distillation with Cross-Modality Knowledge Transfer

Least auxiliary loss-functions with impact growth adaptation (Laliga) for convolutional neural networks

Diffuse Optical Tomography System in Soft Tissue Tumor Detection

Intelligent Intrusion Detection of Measurement Automation System Based on Deep Learning

Big in Japan: Regularizing Networks for Solving Inverse Problems

A multiple scattering algorithm for three dimensional phase contrast atomic electron tomography.

-Omics biomarker identification pipeline for translational medicine

3-D inversion of magnetic data based on the L1–L2 norm regularization

Damage-to-fracture transition through an Eikonal Non-Local (ENL) continuum damage formulation with embedded strong discontinuities

Stress Testing Network Reconstruction via Graphical Causal Model

Regularization of Deep Neural Networks with Spectral Dropout

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Regularization Methods 正则化方法
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