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Reflection Spectrum sentence examples within Diffuse Reflection Spectrum

Efficient removal of heavy metal ions and organic dyes with cucurbit [8] uril-functionalized chitosan.

Continuous removal of trace bisphenol A from water by high efficacy TiO2 nanotube pillared graphene-based macrostructures in a photocatalytically fluidized bed

Reflection Spectrum sentence examples within Fbg Reflection Spectrum

Design and Simulation of Apodized π-Phase Shifted FBG as Simultaneous Sensing of Strain, Temperature, and Vibration

High-precision FBG demodulation using amplitude ratio curve with sharp peak

Reflection Spectrum sentence examples within Andreev Reflection Spectrum

Tunability of the Andreev reflection induced by the Majorana zero mode

Multi-band superconductivity and possible nodal gap in RbCr$_{3}$As$_{3}$ revealed by Andreev reflection and single-particle tunneling measurements

Reflection Spectrum sentence examples within Polarized Reflection Spectrum

Realizing Vibrant and High-Contrast Reflective Structural Colors from Lossy Metals Supporting Dielectric Gratings.

The biosensing of liver cancer cells based on the terahertz plasmonic metamaterials

Reflection Spectrum sentence examples within Whose Reflection Spectrum

Preliminary characterization of the thickness of bulk MoS2 layer by the colour

Highly Sensitive Cell Concentration Detection by Resonant Optical Tunneling Effect

Reflection Spectrum sentence examples within reflection spectrum shift

Sense high refractive index sensitivity with bragg grating and MIM nanocavity

Reflective optical fiber sensor based on light polarization modulation for hydrogen sensing

Reflection Spectrum sentence examples within reflection spectrum show

Multimode Fabry–Perot Interferometer Probe Based on Vernier Effect for Enhanced Temperature Sensing

Giant Circular Dichroism at Visible Frequencies Enabled by Plasmonic Ramp-Shaped Nanostructures

Fiber Bragg Grating Displacement Sensor With High Measurement Accuracy for Crack Monitoring

Higher Order Coupling Mode for Orientation-Dependent Bend Measurement Using an Off-Axis FBG Inscription Over Few-Mode Fiber

Resonant laser printing by Silicon crystallization and oxidation

Study on Key Technologies of High Power Fiber Bragg Grating Laser

Photocatalytic degradation of organic dyes by infinite one dimensional coordination polymer based on Zn(II) in water

Polyvinyl chloride reinforced soft silicone curvature sensor with optical fiber implantation

Tunable THz reflection-type polarizer based on monolayer phosphorene.

Temperature-insensitive optical tilt sensor based on a single eccentric-core fiber Bragg grating.

Effective Localization of Brillouin Dynamic Grating for Distributed Fiber Sensing by Intensity-Modulated Correlation-Domain Technique

Simultaneous ultrasonic parameter estimation of a multi‐layered material by the PSO‐based least squares algorithm using the reflection spectrum

A theoretical study of a plasmonic sensor comprising a gold nano-disk array on gold film with a SiO 2 spacer*

Scalable collective Lamb shift of a 1D superconducting qubit array in front of a mirror

Study the Structural and Optical Properties of Cr doped SnO2 Nanoparticles Synthesized by Sol-Gel Method

Study on simultaneous sensing of gas concentration and temperature in one-dimensional photonic crystal

Temperature Self-Compensated Refractive Index Sensor Based on Fiber Bragg Grating and the Ellipsoid Structure

Electronic structures and optical properties of Fe/Co–doped cubic BaTiO3 ceramics

Structural Health Monitoring using Apodized Pi-Phase Shifted FBG: Decoupling Strain and Temperature Effects

Refractive Index Monitoring Technique Using a Smartphone Based on the Metal Nanoshell Array Sensing Method

A self-assembled, silicone acrylate coating formulation and detection of the optically non-uniform structure with reflectance spectroscopy

Bare fiber adapter based Fabry-Pérot interferometer for microfluidic velocity measurement

Real-time random grating sensor array for quasi-distributed sensing based on wavelength-to-time mapping and time-division multiplexing.

Self-heating tilted fiber Bragg grating device for melt curve analysis of solid-phase DNA hybridization and thermal cycling


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Measuring plant colors.

Huge local magnetic field enhancement at optical frequencies in metamaterials through coupling with photonic band gap

Hollow-Core Fiber-Based All-Fiber FPI Sensor for Simultaneous Measurement of Air Pressure and Temperature

Mode-selective Absorption for Spectrum Shaping

Transmission characteristics of linearly polarized light in reflection-type one-dimensional magnetophotonic crystals

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