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Silver nanoparticles synthesized using leaf extract of Azadirachta indica exhibit enhanced antimicrobial efficacy than the chemically synthesized nanoparticles: A comparative study

Experimental Investigation of Aloe-Vera-Based CuO Nanofluid as a Novel Additive in Improving the Rheological and Filtration Properties of Water-Based Drilling Fluid

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The role of sea-level changes in the evolution of coastal barriers – An example from the southwestern Baltic Sea

Comment on tc-2021-175

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A first-principles study of the stability, electronic structure, and optical properties of halide double perovskite Rb2Sn1-xTexI6 for solar cell applications.

Comprehensive study on dye sensitized solar cell in subsystem level to excel performance potential: A review

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Cross-talk between next generation sequencing methodologies to identify genomic signatures of esophageal cancer.

No Metagenomic Evidence of Causative Viral Pathogens in Postencephalitic Parkinsonism Following Encephalitis Lethargica

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A vertical and radial consolidation analysis incorporating drain degradation based on the spectral method

Robust video content analysis schemes for human action recognition

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The Double Burden of Depression and Social Isolation in Older Adults during the COVID-19 Pandemic

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The Humanization of Nature and Half-Earth Socialism

Русские юристы второй половины XIX века о политико-правовых концепциях Екатерины II

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Measuring the impact of influence on individuals: roadmap to quantifying attitude

Two contrasting summer monsoon seasons in the recent past decade: An observational study

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Agrodiversity in Turkey: Case Study on Rice

Zeolites Enhance Soil Health, Crop Productivity and Environmental Safety

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A Comprehensive Comparative Study of Artificial Neural Network (ANN) and Support Vector Machines (SVM) on Stock Forecasting

A comprehensive analysis on movie recommendation system employing collaborative filtering

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Smart IoT Treatment: Making Medical Care More Intelligent

Legal regulation of the family members’ entrepreneurial activity and inheritance relations: law enforcement problems

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Willingness to pay for Nairobi National Park: An application of discrete choice experiment

Academic Qualification and Teachers’ Job Satisfaction in Secondary Schools in Nakuru County-Kenya

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Do retail investors bite off more than they can chew? A close look at their return objectives

Do retail investors bite off more than they can chew? A close look at their return objectives

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Virtual Aircraft Technology Integration Platform: From Virtual Flight Testing towards Simulation-based Certification

Virtual Aircraft Technology Integration Platform: Ingredients for Multidisciplinary Simulation and Virtual Flight Testing

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Sustained seroprevalence of anti SARS-CoV-2 total immunoglobulins in asymptomatic blood donors

Performance of the hematology analyzer XN-31 prototype in the detection of Plasmodium infections in an endemic region of Colombia

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A Systematic Review Of The Impact Of Performance Appraisal Systems And Competency Management Framework On The Performance of Employees In The Telecom Sector

The correlation between polygamy and educational achievement of children

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Boosting Emotion Recognition in Context using Non-target Subject Information

Recurrent Thrifty Attention Network for Remote Sensing Scene Recognition

Futures-oriented drugs policy research: Events, trends, and speculating on what might become.

Technological Trends and Significance of the Essential Ocean Variables by the Indian Moored Observatories: Relevance to UN Decade of Ocean Sciences

Development of an urban flood model for Bengaluru city, Karnataka, India

Effect of Soil Management on Erosion in Mountain Vineyards (N-W Italy)

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Cholera risk in cities in Uganda: understanding cases and contacts centered strategy (3CS) for rapid cholera outbreak control

Characterization of atmospheric-pressure spark generated atomic silver and gold clusters by time-of-flight mass spectrometry

The conceptual basis of strategic and operational management of industrial enterprises in conditions of instability

Stem Cell – De Novo Treatment Disorders

Impact of global warming on snow in ski areas: A case study using a regional climate simulation over the interior western United States

Does a Diversified Crop Portfolio Make Farmers More Efficient? A Stochastic Production Frontier Analysis of Farm-level Data from Assam, India

Informal Settlements and Workplace Spatial Dynamics—A Case Study of Vijayawada

Genetic diversity of fragmented natural populations of Pyrenacantha volubilis Wight. in India

The Failed Reconciliation: The Role of the Judiciary in Post-fascist Italy and the Togliatti Amnesty

A community-based study of abscess self-treatment and barriers to medical care among people who inject drugs in the United States.

Medical Image Segmentation And Classification On Efficiently Fused Image Using Fast Fuzzy C Means Algorithm And Convolutional Neural Network

Introduction to special section on Legislation and Diversity

Antimicrobial Resistance Situational Analysis 2019–2020: Design and Performance for Human Health Surveillance in Uganda

Evidence for widespread glaciation in Arcadia Planitia, Mars

Serial dependence and representational momentum in single-trial perceptual decisions

Dynamics of reallocation within India’s income distribution

CollabFuzz: A Framework for Collaborative Fuzzing

Genetic Admixture in the Population of Wild Apple (Malus sieversii) from the Tien Shan Mountains, Kazakhstan

Classification Of Gestational Diabetes Using Modified Fuzzy C Means Clustering And Machine Learning Technique

A comprehensive review on the applications of nano-biosensor-based approaches for non-communicable and communicable disease detection.

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Machine Learning Approaches for Detection and Diagnosis of Parkinson’s Disease - A Review

The Role of Enthalpy of Reaction in the Process of Global Warming: What Can We Learn from Basic Thermodynamics*

Dynamic Complexity of Expansion

Investigating the Relationship between (3200) Phaethon and (155140) 2005 UD through Telescopic and Laboratory Studies

Water buffalo production in the Brazilian Amazon Basin: a review.

Changing practice from agrochemical to organic methods in rural Ghana: the Nkabom Organic Farming Project

Recent advances in organocatalytic asymmetric aza-Michael reactions of amines and amides

The augment use in the five oldest Odes of Pindar

Derivas de lo personal: subjetividades en disputa en Tiempo pasado

COVID-19 Impact on Sri Lankan Economics

Nonlinear Interactions of Lamb Waves With a Delamination in Composite Laminates

A Social Worker’s Perspective on the Goal of Palliative Care in the Era of COVID-19

Environmental flow envelopes: quantifying global, ecosystem–threatening streamflow alterations

Charge Mobility in Discotic Liquid Crystals

Recent diversification in the high Andes: unveiling the evolutionary history of the Ecuadorian hillstar,Oreotrochilus chimborazo(Apodiformes: Trochilidae)

Recent Past 最近的过去

Recent Past 最近的过去
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