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A high speed roller dung beetles clustering algorithm and its architecture for real-time image segmentation

Real-time semantic segmentation via sequential knowledge distillation

A Novel State of Charge Estimation Method of Lithium-ion Battery Based on NARX Neural Network Model

Blind sidewalk segmentation based on the lightweight semantic segmentation network

DAM: Hierarchical Adaptive Feature Selection Using Convolution Encoder Decoder Network for Strawberry Segmentation

Fast and Accurate Real-Time Semantic Segmentation with Dilated Asymmetric Convolutions

EdgeBooster: Edge-Assisted Real-Time Image Segmentation for the Mobile Web in WoT

LRDNet: A lightweight and efficient network with refined dual attention decorder for real-time semantic segmentation

Real-Time Segmentation Method of Lightweight Network For Finger Vein Using Embedded Terminal Technique

Parallel Complement Network for Real-Time Semantic Segmentation of Road Scenes

MBFFNet: Multi-Branch Feature Fusion Network for Colonoscopy

V-HPM Based Gait Recognition

DENS-ECG: A Deep Learning Approach for ECG Signal Delineation

Multi-branch sharing network for real-time 3D brain tumor segmentation

A real-time correction method for baseline wander of transient electromagnetic logging signals

RSCA: Real-time Segmentation-based Context-Aware Scene Text Detection

Fully Automated 3-D Ultrasound Segmentation of the Placenta, Amniotic Fluid, and Fetus for Early Pregnancy Assessment

Efficient Parallel Branch Network With Multi-Scale Feature Fusion for Real-Time Overhead Power Line Segmentation

Multi-perspective scaling convolutional neural networks for high-resolution MRI brain image segmentation

FASSD-Net Model for Person Semantic Segmentation

Dynamic fire and smoke detection and classification for flashover prediction

Model of Real-Time Market Segmentation Based on Usage Scenarios Under the Monitoring Platform

NanoNet: Real-Time Polyp Segmentation in Video Capsule Endoscopy and Colonoscopy

LightSeg: a light-weight network for real-time semantic segmentation

Aggregation Architecture and all-to-one Network for Real-Time Semantic Segmentation

Go-selfies: A Fast Selfies Background Removal Method Using ResU-Net Deep Learning

Light deep learning models enriched with Entangled features for RGB-D semantic segmentation

Aerial-BiSeNet: A real-time semantic segmentation network for high resolution aerial imagery

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Real Time Segmentation 实时分割

Real Time Segmentation 实时分割
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