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Real-time model for unit-level heating and cooling energy prediction in multi-family residential housing

Analysis of the cell-to-cell imbalance in battery pack based on the over-discharge prognosis and maximum available current prediction for comprehensive management strategy

Robotic mirror therapy system for lower limb rehabilitation

Detection and parameter estimation of gravitational waves from binary neutron-star mergers in real LIGO data using deep learning

Identifying gait quality metrics sensitive to changes in lower limb constraint

Real-Time Parameter Estimation of a Fuel Cell for Remaining Useful Life Assessment

Design and Development of a Crop Quality Monitoring and Classification System using IoT and Blockchain

Design And Application Of Iot Based Real-Time Patient Telemonitoring System Using Biomedical Sensor Network

Multi-level energy efficiency evaluation for die casting workshop based on fog-cloud computing

A portable impedance measurement device with controllable broadband for power grid

SMES Damping Controller Design and Real-Time Parameters Tuning for Low-Frequency Oscillation

Research on Production Process Parameter Management Based on MES System

Probabilistic Connectionless Multipath Routing Algorithm for Reliability and Stability Evaluation

Adaptive frequency islanding system for distributed generation energy districts

Access and Radio Resource Management for IAB Networks Using Deep Reinforcement Learning

Hybrid meta-heuristic algorithms for a supply chain network considering different carbon emission regulations using big data characteristics

Design of Intelligent Meridian Magnetotherapy instrument and Monitoring system based on TCM

Analysis of the Vibration Characteristic of an Experimental Turning Lathe Using Artificial Neural Networks

Design of Optimal Scheme for Industrial Network Monitoring of Ocean Energy Power Generation System

Optimization Design of Centrifugal Pump Flow Control System Based on Adaptive Control

Design of Real-Time Power Quality Monitoring System for Active Distribution Network Based on Computer Monitoring

Arduino-based battery monitoring system with state of charge and remaining useful time estimation

Current Driver Design for Electromagnetic Coil Using Adaptive Active Disturbance Rejection Control

Lithium-Sulfur Cell State of Charge Estimation Using a Classification Technique

Leukocyte-Endothelium Interaction in the Sublingual Microcirculation of Coronary Artery Bypass Grafting Patients

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Real-time feasible model-based crystal size and shape control of crystallization processes

Design of Motor Observer with Iron Loss and Parameter Identification

Inflight Parameter Estimation Framework for Fixed-Wing UAV

snapMRF: GPU-Accelerated Magnetic Resonance Fingerprinting Dictionary Generation and Matching using Extended Phase Graphs.

Online parameter identification methods for oscillatory systems: Estimation of changes in stiffness properties

PDMR: priority-based dynamic multi-path routing algorithm for a software defined network

Developing leading indicators-based decision support algorithms and probabilistic models using Bayesian network to predict kicks while drilling

Improved adaptive backstepping sliding mode control for a three-phase PWM AC–DC converter

Recent updates of real-time clinical photoacoustic and ultrasound imaging system at POSTECH

Estimation of states and parameters of multi-axle distributed electric vehicle based on dual unscented Kalman filter

Learning-based Nonlinear Model Predictive Control of Reconfigurable Autonomous Robotic Boats: Roboats

High-efficient nitrogen removal from mature landfill leachate and waste activated sludge (WAS) reduction via partial nitrification and integrated fermentation-denitritation process (PNIFD).

Trajectory Tracking and Speed Control of Cleaning Vehicle Based on Improved Pure Pursuit Algorithm*

A Fault-Tolerant Ethernet for Hard Real-Time Adaptive Systems

A Hybrid Covert Channel with Feedback over Mobile Networks

A Two-Way VoLTE Covert Channel With Feedback Adaptive to Mobile Network Environment

Rapid automatic identification of parameters of the Bergman Minimal Model in Sprague-Dawley rats with experimental diabetes for adaptive insulin delivery

Integrated control strategy for articulated heavy vehicles based on a linear model with real-time parameters

Reliable Fault Identification for Aircraft Control Surface Damage

Design of Adaptive PID Control System Based on Embedded Device

An Intelligent Dress Uniform Identification System

Femtosecond laser bone drilling with the second-harmonic-generation green positioning and on-line spectral monitoring

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Real Time Parameter 实时参数

Real Time Parameter 实时参数
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