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RS-HABE: Revocable-Storage and Hierarchical Attribute-Based Access Scheme for Secure Sharing of e-Health Records in Public Cloud

Post-quantum secure multi-party private set-intersection in star network topology

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Mitigating Both Data Corruption and Content Replay Attacks with Implicit Data Integrity

IVP: A Three Level Confusion-Diffusion Network Supporting Implicit Data Integrity

Short Identity-Based Signatures with Tight Security from Lattices

The Theory of Hash Functions and Random Oracles: An Approach to Modern Cryptography

CCA-Secure Attribute-Based Encryption Supporting Dynamic Membership in the Standard Model

Public-key authenticated encryption with keyword search achieving both multi-ciphertext and multi-trapdoor indistinguishability

Blockchain-Envisioned Trusted Random Oracles for IoT-Enabled Probabilistic Smart Contracts

Constructing provable secure broadcast encryption scheme with dealership

Generic construction for tightly-secure signatures from discrete log

Efficient Threshold Public Key Encryption from the Computational Bilinear Diffie-Hellman Assumption

A New Delegated Authentication Protocol based on PRE

A Novel Hash Function Based on a Chaotic Sponge and DNA Sequence

A Verifier-Based Password-Authenticated Key Exchange Using Tamper-Proof Hardware

TARDIS: A Foundation of Time-Lock Puzzles in UC

An alternative approach to public cloud data auditing supporting data dynamics

Verifier-based anonymous password-authenticated key exchange protocol in the standard model.

Top-Level Secure Certificateless Signature Against Malicious-But-Passive KGC

Key regression from constrained pseudorandom functions

Quadratic Time-Space Lower Bounds for Computing Natural Functions with a Random Oracle

A Pairing-Based Three-Party Authenticated Encryption Scheme without Shared Secrets

Post-Quantum UC-Secure Oblivious Transfer in the Standard Model with Adaptive Corruptions

Group Signatures without NIZK: From Lattices in the Standard Model

Multi-Client Functional Encryption for Linear Functions in the Standard Model from LWE

Signcryption from NTRU Lattices Without Random Oracles

How to Sign with White-Boxed AES

A New Certificateless Signature Scheme Provably Secure in the Standard Model

SCF-PEPCKS: Secure Channel Free Public Key Encryption With Privacy-Conserving Keyword Search

Communication Complexity of Byzantine Agreement, Revisited

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Random Oracles 随机预言机

Random Oracles 随机预言机
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