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Costly information and random choice

Costly Information and Random Choice

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Random Choices Can Facilitate the Solving of Collective Network Coloring Problems by Artificial Agents

Random choices facilitate solutions to collective network coloring problems by artificial agents

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Dynamic Labor Reallocation with Heterogeneous Skills and Uninsured Idiosyncratic Risk

Incomplete risk attitudes and random choice behavior: an elicitation mechanism

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Majority rule dynamics between a double coalition and a third opinion: coalition profit models and majority coalition ties

Оцінки ефективності атак на основі підібраних відкритих текстів на криптосистему Рао-Нама над скінченною абелевою групою

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Self-Determination and Self-Realization of the Youth of Russia: Socio-Moral and Psychological-Pedagogical Aspects of the Problem

Illustrating Randomness in Statistics Courses With Spatial Experiments

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Bayesian optimization for the design of deep neural networks

Performance-enhanced rough $$k$$ k -means clustering algorithm

Myopia and Randomness in Choice

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Novel ensemble of optimized CNN and dynamic selection techniques for accurate Covid-19 screening using chest CT images

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Mutual synchronization of complex structures in interacting ensembles of non-locally coupled rotators

Algorithmic theory of solvable groups

Reflective Debugging in Spinoza V3.0

On consecutive sums in permutations

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Art in the Service of Power: The Creation of a “New Man” (On the Example of Soviet Propaganda Porcelain of the 1920s)

Order Diminution of LTI Systems Using Modified Big Bang Big Crunch Algorithm and Pade Approximation with Fractional Order Controller Design

On the Efficiency of Haptic Based Object Identification: Determining Where to Grasp to Get the Most Distinguishing Information

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Automated Teaching System “Sets” (Research for Organizing the 1st Part of the Project)

Eco‐genetics of desiccation resistance in Drosophila

LPWAN Coverage Assessment Planning without Explicit Knowledge of Base Station Locations

Investigating Active Learning and Meta-Learning for Iterative Peptide Design

Learning based compilation of embedded applications targeting minimal energy consumption

A return to stochasticity and probability in spiking neural P systems

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Using Markov Decision Process to Model Deception for Robotic and Interactive Game Applications

How do farmers adapt to agricultural risks in northern India? An agent-based exploration of alternate theories of decision-making.

Analysis of Process Variations in W-Band GaN MMIC PAs Using Nonparametric Statistics

Analysis of assumptions in BIG Bell Test experiments

Local Population of Eritrichium caucasicum as an Object of Mathematical Modelling. III. Population Growth in the Random Environment

Integrated Rough Fuzzy Clustering for Categorical data Analysis

Combining RSS-SVM with genetic algorithm for Arabic opinions analysis

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Potential pesticide exposure during the post-breeding migration of the common toad (Bufo bufo) in a vineyard dominated landscape.

The Effective Healing Strategy against Localized Attacks on Interdependent Spatially Embedded Networks

Explicit Polar Codes with Small Scaling Exponent

Exploratory behavior of Argentine Ants (Linepithema humile) encountering novel areas

Successful BCI communication via high‑frequency SSVEP or visual, audio or tactile P300 in 30 tested volunteers.

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An overview of assessing the quality of peer review reports of scientific articles

Analyse de la Chaine de Valeurs d’oignon (Allium Cepa L.) Blanc de Soucoucoutane au Niger

On Rimbaud’s “Vowels”, Again: Vowels or Colors?

Combination of reinforcement learning and bee algorithm for controlling two-link arm with six muscle: simplified human arm model in the horizontal plane

Conceptual Metaphors in Poetry Interpretation : A Psycholinguistic Approach

Solo or Ensemble? Choosing a CNN Architecture for Melanoma Classification

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A Randomized Low Latency Resource Sharing Algorithm for Fog Computing

Orphan Node Connected Management in Multi-Hop Clustering-Based Routing Protocols for Wireless Sensor Networks

A New Attitudinal Integral-Model to Explain Green Purchase Intention

Pseudo-binary and pseudo-ternary diffusion couple methods for estimation of the diffusion coefficients in multicomponent systems and high entropy alloys

Delineating Protein–Protein Curvilinear Dissociation Pathways and Energetics with Naïve Multiple‐Walker Umbrella Sampling Simulations

Network Size Estimation in Small-World Networks Under Byzantine Faults

The impact of integration on outpatient chemotherapy use and spending in Medicare

Knowledge, Attitudes and Contraceptive Practices among Young People from the Youth Listening Center of the Burkinabè’s Family Well-Being Association in Bobo-Dioulasso City

Heuristics in Judgment Tasks with Unrecognized Elements

How to Spread a Rumor: Call Your Neighbors or Take a Walk?

Exploiting Power-of-Choices for Load Balancing in Fog Computing

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Search strategies to identify observational studies in MEDLINE and Embase.

On the time-fractional Cattaneo equation of distributed order

Composition of basic heuristics for the game 2048

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New approaches to the analysis of daily variability of sinus rhythm in assessing the antihypertensive effect of various drugs

Dopamine blockade impairs the exploration-exploitation trade-off in rats

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words: The Role of Survey Training Materials in Stated-Preference Studies

Migrating Virtual Machine in Heterogen and Homogen Cloud Data Center with Efficient Electricity Consumption Using Fuzzy C-meams

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Random Choice 随机选择

Random Choice 随机选择
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