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Evaluation of hillslope storage with variable width under temporally varied rainfall recharge

Analytical modeling of groundwater flow of vertically multilayered soil stratification in response to temporally varied rainfall recharge

A numerical method for predicting groundwater inflow into mountain tunnel, taking into account rainfall recharge and lithological distribution over a large area

Spatial pattern of groundwater recharge in Jhansi district in the Bundelkhand region, central India

Finite element modelling to assess the submarine groundwater discharge in an over exploited multilayered coastal aquifer

Resolving groundwater sources to a coastal lagoon using major ions, nutrients and stable isotopes

The evolution and non-fickian flow of local stagnant zones in hierarchically nested groundwater flow system under different rainfall infiltration intensity

Quantitative Inversion of Water-Inrush Incidents in Mountain Tunnel beneath a Karst Pit

Characterization of nested water supplies in a mid latitude/altitude peatland using long-term monitoring data before and after restoration. The case study of the Frasne peatland (Jura Mountains, France)

Influence of hydrological and hydrogeological factors on inland groundwater salinity in a hard rock aquifer, south India

Climate and landscape controls on spatio-temporal patterns of stream water stable isotopes in a large glacierized mountain basin on the Tibetan Plateau.

Analysis of rainfall infiltration and its influence on groundwater in rain gardens

An integrated multi-techniques approach for hydrogeochemical evaluation of ion exchange processes and identification of water types based on statistical analysis: Application to the Gaza coastal aquifer, Gaza Strip, Palestine

Contribution of rainfall and agricultural returns to groundwater recharge in arid areas

Changes in groundwater dissolved organic matter character in a coastal sand aquifer due to rainfall recharge.

A Study on the Recovery of Head and the Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) from Long-Term Pressure Depressions in Low Permeable Coastal Aquifers

Estimation of precipitation recharge coefficient with a GIS-based method in Zhuanlongwan study area, China

How water isotopes (18O, 2H, 3H) within an island freshwater lens respond to changes in rainfall.

The Effects of Irrigation and Climate on the High Plains Aquifer: A County‐Level Econometric Analysis

First evaluation of water stable isotopes data for the groundwater bodies in Campania

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Rainfall Recharge 降雨补给

Rainfall Recharge 降雨补给
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