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Radiation Spectrum sentence examples within Solar Radiation Spectrum

Ways optimization of the electrical characteristics of multi-junction solar cells for space application

Dataset for the Solar Incident Radiation and Electricity Production BIPV/BAPV System on the Northern/Southern Façade in Dense Urban Areas

Radiation Spectrum sentence examples within Thermal Radiation Spectrum

Influence of the choice of the spectral interval on the accuracy of temperature determination by multiwave thermometry methods

Application of a precision programmable DC power supply for spectrometer calibration

Radiation Spectrum sentence examples within Electromagnetic Radiation Spectrum

Method for Evaluating Digital Video Electromagnetic Information Leakage from Video Cable

Remote Formation of Holographic Record

Radiation Spectrum sentence examples within Infrared Radiation Spectrum

Investigation of the variability of local ice strength by exposure to the spectrum of infrared radiation of various lengths

Analysis of target inversion temperature based on infrared dual band

Radiation Spectrum sentence examples within Different Radiation Spectrum

Light and Temperature Control for Greenhouse Plant Growth

Is Telomere Length a Biomarker of Adaptive Response? Controversial Findings of NASA and Residents of High Background Radiation Areas

Radiation Spectrum sentence examples within Hawking Radiation Spectrum

Thermodynamics of Bardeen regular black hole with generalized uncertainty principle

Quantum corrections to tidal Love number for Schwarzschild black holes

Radiation Spectrum sentence examples within Body Radiation Spectrum

A Sceptical Analysis of Quantized Inertia

Optical Emission Spectroscopy in Self-Blast Gas Circuit Breaker at Large Current Condition

Radiation Spectrum sentence examples within Light Radiation Spectrum

Simulation of Radiation Calculation of Black Body by Using the Interpolation Method

Endpoint prediction of BOF by flame spectrum and furnace mouth image based on fuzzy support vector machine

Radiation Spectrum sentence examples within Flat Radiation Spectrum

Generation of 2 μm radiation due to single-mode fibers with longitudinally varying diameter

Generation of Raman solitons with minimal losses for dispersion radiation due to longitudinally nonuniform fiber

Radiation Spectrum sentence examples within Continuou Radiation Spectrum

Development of a filtered AXUV diode array for X-pinch soft x-ray spectra in the energy range of 1-10 keV.


Cryogenic background infrared scene generation method based on a light-driven blackbody micro cavity array

Signatures of the Carrier Envelope Phase in Nonlinear Thomson Scattering

Solar energy full-spectrum perfect absorption and efficient photo-thermal generation

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Investigation of a short-period microwave undulator

Cd diffusion in CdS/ZnSe MQW heterostructures grown by MOVPE for semiconductor disk lasers

Study on the Performance of Optical Lenses under High Fluxes of Solar Radiation

Quantum gravitational corrections to the entropy of a Schwarzschild black hole

Superconducting Structures for Study and Phase Synchronization of Integrated Terahertz Oscillators

Study of the noise sources of an UAV with a two-stroke engine and shrouded propeller

Research on obtaining temperature by using the relative intensity of the hydroxyl radical spectrum in the ultraviolet band

Antenna-integrated silicon–plasmonic graphene sub-terahertz emitter

Light-field multi-spectral radiation thermometry.

Analytical model for determining the leakage albedo component for a direct cylindrical channel passing through the nuclear reactor protective layer

Possibility of inversionless amplification and generation of radiation by a two-level system in the ‘red’ wing of its spectral line under resonant diode pumping

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Излучение дробного осциллятора

Acoustic source distribution on aerofoils and its reconstruction from far-field array measurements

Bandwidth of a Compton radiation source with an electron beam of asymmetric emittance

Analysis and design of ground-based photoelectric detection system for star observation during the daytime

Ignition and combustion characteristics of coal particles under high-temperature and low-oxygen environments mimicking MILD oxy-coal combustion conditions

A novel approach for the analysis of the geometry involved in determining light curves of pulsars

Search for isolated Galactic Centre stellar mass black holes in the IR and sub-mm range

More Radiation Spectrum 辐射光谱 sentence examples

Simulation code for modeling of coherent effects of radiation generation in oriented crystals

Spectral Lag for a Radiating Jet Shell with a High Energy Cut-off Radiation Spectrum

Study on Ferroelectric Thin Film Capacitor for AC-Coupled CdTe X-ray Detector

More Radiation Spectrum 辐射光谱 sentence examples

Machine learning algorithms for improving the dose rate measurement in handheld homeland security instrumentation

Problems of radiation safety calculations related to spent nuclear fuel transport casks

Lorentz Factor Evolution of an Expanding Jet Shell Observed in a Gamma-Ray Burst: Case Study of GRB 160625B

Accretion into black hole, and formation of magnetically arrested accretion disks

Manipulation on thermal radiation spectrum and its polarization with laser manufactured periodic surface patterns

Zn2SiO4 as an ultralow solar absorptive pigment for thermal control coating

Parameters of Laser Diodes Radiation in Different Temperature Intervals

More Radiation Spectrum 辐射光谱 sentence examples

XSpectra®: an Advanced Real-Time Food Contaminants Detector

Radiative Properties of Coal Ash Deposits with Sintering Effects

Direct photo transformation of tetracycline and sulfanomide group antibiotics in surface water: Kinetics, toxicity and site modeling.

Synthesis and studies of ZnO doped with g-C3N4 nanocomposites for the degradation of tetracycline hydrochloride under the visible light irradiation

Thermodynamics characteristics of MEMS infrared thin film.

High energy radiation from compact plasma-based sources

NIR light driven catalytic hydrogen generation over semiconductor photocatalyst coupling up-conversion component

Linear undulator brightness with error in undulator period

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