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Structural response of glass fiber reinforced polymer tubes infilled with lightweight aggregate concrete

A Study on Mechanical and Durability Properties of Structural Concrete using Pumice and Sintered fly ash Aggregates

The products of primary magma fragmentation finally revealed by pumice agglomerates

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Possibilities of Using Pumice Aggregates into Thermal Insulation Lining of Industrial Chimneys

Effect of pine resin on the thermal and mechanical properties of plaster with pumice

Mechanical Properties of Reactive Powder Concretes Produced Using Pumice Powder

Flexural behavior of fiber reinforced lightweight concrete

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Geopolymers vs. alkali-activated materials (AAMs): A comparative study on durability, microstructure, and resistance to elevated temperatures of lightweight mortars

A short manual on natural pumice as a lightweight aggregate

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Pumice Aggregate 浮石骨料

Pumice Aggregate 浮石骨料
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