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Efficient removal of tetracycline by a hierarchically porous ZIF-8 metal organic framework.

Nitrogen-doped macro-meso-micro hierarchical ordered porous carbon derived from ZIF-8 for boosting supercapacitor performance

A General Strategy for Instantaneous and Continuous Synthesis of Ultrasmall Metal-Organic Framework Nanoparticles.

High-hydrophobic ZIF-8@PLA Composite Aerogel and Application for Oil-Water Separation

Metal–organic framework microdomains in 3D conductive host as polysulfide inhibitor for fast, long-cycle Li–S batteries

High-performance ammonia oxidation catalysts for anion-exchange membrane direct ammonia fuel cells

Hierarchically porous ZIF-8 for tetracycline hydrochloride elimination

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Hierarchically porous zeolitic imidazolate framework-8 with tunable mesostructure as Pickering interfacial catalyst

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Encapsulating carbon quantum dot and organic dye in multi-shell nanostructured MOFs for use in white light-emitting diode

Interwrapping Distinct Metal-Organic Frameworks in Dual-MOFs for the Creation of Unique Composite Catalysts

Incorporation of a novel Ag–Cu@ZIF-8@GO nanocomposite into polyethersulfone membrane for fouling and bacterial resistance

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Hierarchically ordered porous nitrogen doped carbon modified a glassy carbon electrode for voltammetry detection of quercetin

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Porous Zif 8 多孔 Zif 8

Porous Zif 8 多孔 Zif 8
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