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TiO2 hollow spheres with separated Au and RuO2 co-catalysts for efficient photocatalytic water splitting

Boosting total oxidation of acetone over spinel MCo2O4 (M = Co, Ni, Cu) hollow mesoporous spheres by cation-substituting effect.

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Transformation of 2-D TiO2 to mesoporous hollow 3-D TiO2 spheres-comparative studies on morphology-dependent photocatalytic and anti-bacterial activity

Single gyroid-structured metallic nanoporous spheres fabricated from double gyroid-forming block copolymers via templated electroless plating

Controllable morphologies and electrochemical performances of self-assembled nano-honeycomb WS2 anodes modified by graphene doping for lithium and sodium ion batteries

Cytocompatible and Antibacterial Properties of Chitosan-Siloxane Hybrid Spheres

General microemulsion synthesis of organic–inorganic hybrid hollow mesoporous silica spheres with enlarged pore size

Controlled formation of porous CuCo2O4 nanorods with enhanced oxidase and catalase catalytic activities using bimetal-organic frameworks as templates.

Neutral-pH overall water splitting catalyzed efficiently by a hollow and porous structured ternary nickel sulfoselenide electrocatalyst

Time-dependent electrokinetic processes in porous colloidal particles.

Sedimentation Velocity and Potential in Dilute Suspensions of Charge-Regulating Porous Spheres.

(003)-Facet-exposed Ni3S2 nanoporous thin films on nickel foil for efficient water splitting

Synthesis of montmorillonite-chitosan hollow and hierarchical mesoporous spheres with single-template layer-by-layer assembly

Preparation of iron oxide mesoporous magnetic microparticles as novel multidrug carriers for synergistic anticancer therapy and deep tumor penetration

Humidity-Independent Gas Sensors Using Pr-Doped In2O3 Macroporous Spheres: Role of Cyclic Pr3+/Pr4+ Redox Reactions in Suppression of Water-Poisoning Effect.

Novel Ni6MnO8/NiMnO3 composite as a highly stable electrode material for supercapacitors

The effect of dust composition and shape on radiation-pressure forces and blowout sizes of particles in debris disks

Synthesis of porous biomass fly ash-based geopolymer spheres for efficient removal of methylene blue from wastewaters

The role of the medium in the effective-sphere interpretation of holographic particle characterization data.

Ultrasonic spray pyrolysis synthesis of three-dimensional ZnFe2O4-based macroporous spheres for excellent sensitive acetone gas sensor

The double synergies of core-shell MnFe2O4@TiO2 mesoporous spheres for enhancing electrochemical performance of anode material as lithium-ion batteries

Fe3O4@SiO2 mesoporous spheres as Fe(II) donors loaded with artemisinin and a photosensitizer to alleviate tumor hypoxia in PDT for enhanced anticancer therapy

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Porous Spheres 多孔球体

Porous Spheres 多孔球体
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