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Porous Design of SiCNWs/SiC Nanocomposites with High Strength and Low Thermal Conductivity

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Effects of Composite Sintering Additives: Al(OH)3+Y2O3+CaF2 on the Performance of Porous Mullite Oxide-Bonded SiC Ceramics

Thermal shock and chemical corrosion resistance of oxide bonded porous SiC ceramics prepared by infiltration technique

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Control of pore structure during freeze casting of porous SiC ceramics by different freezing modes

Degradation of Abiotic Orange II Dye and Biotic E. coli by Highly Porous SiC-AgCl/Ag0 Photocatalyst

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Effect of Ni content and its particle size on electrical resistivity and flexural strength of porous SiC ceramic sintered at low-temperature using clay additive

Microstructure and Properties of Porous SiC Ceramics Modified by CVI‐SiC Nanowires

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Expansionless oxidation-bonded SiC microfiltration membrane by controlling the oxidation of SiC particle mixtures

Low-temperature sintering of a porous SiC ceramic filter using water glass and zirconia as sintering aids

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Porous Silicon Carbide (SiC): A Chance for Improving Catalysts or Just Another Active-Phase Carrier?

Locally Resonant Phononic Crystals at Low frequencies Based on Porous SiC Multilayer

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Processing and characterization of Al-Si alloy/SiC foam interpenetrating phase composite

Accelerated formation of methane hydrates in the porous SiC foam ceramic packed reactor

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Porous silicon carbide structures with anisotropic open porosity for high- temperature cycling applications

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Fabrication and properties of macro-porous SiC using Al2O3–Y2O3–SiO2 as bonding additives

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Porous SiC–Si3N4 composite ceramics with excellent EMW absorption property prepared by gelcasting using DMAA

SiC-Si composite part fabrication via SiC powder binder jetting additive manufacturing and molten-Si infiltration

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Processing and microstructure-permeation properties of silica bonded silicon carbide ceramic membrane

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Multiple thermal resistance induced extremely low thermal conductivity in porous SiC-SiO2 ceramics with hierarchical porosity

Single-source-precursor synthesized SiC-based nanocomposites with an in-situ formed Nowotny phase as multifunctional materials for electrocatalytic and electromagnetic wave absorbing applications

Enhanced Thermo–Mechanical Reliability of Ultralow-K Dielectrics with Self-Organized Molecular Pores

In situ TEM investigations of the microstructural changes and radiation tolerance in SiC nanowhiskers irradiated with He ions at high temperatures

High-Performance SiC–Based Solar Receivers for CSP: Component Manufacturing and Joining

Enhanced microwave absorption properties of polymer-derived SiC/SiCN composite ceramics modified by TiC

Porous SiC electroluminescence from p–i–n junction and a lateral carrier diffusion model

Temperature-dependent photoluminescence properties of porous fluorescent SiC

Combining Soft Polysilazanes with Melt-Shear Organization of Core–Shell Particles: On the Road to Polymer-Templated Porous Ceramics

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Tailored synthesis of amorphous SiCNO mesoporous fibers through combining a facile electrospinning process and microwave-assisted pyrolysis

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Numerical approach to evaluate performance of porous SiC5/4O3/2 as potential high temperature hydrogen gas sensor

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Preparation of porous SiC-Al2O3 ceramics via gelcasting utilising a shrinkable pore-forming agent and oxidised coarse-grained SiC

Theory of photo-ionization defects in nano-porous SiC alloys

Highly coke-resistant ordered mesoporous Ni/SiC with large surface areas in CO2 reforming of CH4

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Effect of fabric structure on the permeability and regeneration ability of porous SiCf/SiC composite prepared by CVI

PIP process greatly influencing the microstructure and electrical conductivity of polymer-derived SiCN ceramics

Three dimensional metallic porous SiC4 allotropes: Stability and battery applications

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Production of porous SiC by liquid phase sintering using graphite as sacrificial phase: Influence of SiO2 and graphite on the sintering mechanisms

Temperature-dependent gas sensing properties of porous silicon oxycarbide: Insight from first principles

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Thermal stability and nanostructure evolution of amorphous SiCN ceramics during laser ablation in an argon atmosphere

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Characterization and thermomechanical assessment of a SiC-sandwich material for Flow Channel Inserts in DCLL blankets

Low Temperature Synthesis of Mesoporous SiC in Dual-Confined Spaces via Magnesiothermic Reduction

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Porous Sic 多孔碳化硅

Porous Sic 多孔碳化硅
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