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Solution Precursor Plasma Spraying of Cr-Doped Al2O3 Thermochromic Coatings

Cementless Primary Total Hip Arthroplasty with a Trabecular Titanium Implant: Results at Short-to-Medium-Term Follow-Up

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Flexible Daytime Radiative Cooling Enhanced by Enabling Three-Phase Composites with Scattering Interfaces between Silica Microspheres and Hierarchical Porous Coatings.

Improved wettability of graphene nanoplatelets (GNP)/copper porous coatings for dramatic improvements in pool boiling heat transfer

Flame Sprayed LaNi5-Based Mischmetal Alloy: Building-up Negative Electrodes for Potential Application in Ni-Based Batteries

Osteoblast Response to Copper-Doped Microporous Coatings on Titanium for Improved Bone Integration

Role of porosity on the equilibration kinetics in electrical conductivity relaxation experiments

Effect of Boehmite Nanoparticles on the Structural, Corrosion, and Diffusion Properties of Microarc Biocoatings

Flow Boiling In Plain andPorous Coated Microchannels

Effect of channel geometry and porous coverage on flame acceleration in hydrogen–air mixture

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Studies of integrated natural capillary-porous coatings

Mesoporous zirconia surfaces with anti-biofilm properties for dental implants

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Mathematical model of a journal bearing with low-melting and porous coating in its structure on different contacting surfaces with incomplete filling of operating clearance

Design of multilayer hybrid sol-gel coatings with bifunctional barrier-bioactive response on the Elektron 21 magnesium alloy for biomedical applications

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Experiments and modeling on cryogenic quenching enhancement by the structured capillary-porous coatings of surface

Enhanced bioactivity and interfacial bonding strength of Ti3Zr2Sn3Mo25Nb alloy through graded porosity and surface bioactivation

The Structure and Porosity of Plasma Coatings

Tantalum oxide submicro-particles into microporous coating on polyimide possessing antibacterial property and inducing cellular response for orthopedic application.

Assessment of Titanate Nanolayers in Terms of Their Physicochemical and Biological Properties

Ultrahigh Adsorption Capacity and Kinetics of Vertically Oriented Mesoporous Coatings for Removal of Organic Pollutants.

Study of fragile capillary-porous coatings in power installations

Wake vortex mechanisms behind cylinders with and without porous coating

Osteogenic activity and antibacterial ability on titanium surfaces modified with magnesium-doped titanium dioxide coating.

Photocatalytic properties of TiO2 nanostructures of different morphology modified with various modifiers

Development of a Technology for Creating Structured Capillary-Porous Coatings by Means of 3D Printing for Intensification of Heat Transfer during Boiling

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Microporous Coatings of PEKK/SN Composites Integration with PEKK Exhibiting Antibacterial and Osteogenic Activity, and Promotion of Osseointegration for Bone Substitutes.

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Summary of heat transfer processes and their comparative evaluation for capillary porous coatings in power plants

Albumin-Enriched Fibrin Hydrogel Embedded in Active Ferromagnetic Networks Improves Osteoblast Differentiation and Vascular Self-Organisation

Modelling Thermal Conductivity of Porous Thermal Barrier Coatings

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Pool boiling enhancement using vapor channels in microporous surfaces

Dispersion due to combined pressure-driven and electro-osmotic flows in a channel surrounded by a permeable porous medium

Investigation of antireflective and hydrophobic properties in polycrystalline GaN films with dual porosity produced by CVD

Study on building surface and indoor temperature reducing effect of the natural meso-porous material to moderate the indoor thermal environment

Ex-situ experimental benchmarking of solid oxide fuel cell metal interconnects

Antireflective mesoporous silica coatings by optimization of water content in acid-catalyzed sol-gel method for application in glass covers of concentrated photovoltaic modules.

Atomic Composition and Morphology of Thin Films of Resveratrol Deposited on Oxidized Silicon and Polycrystalline Gold Surfaces

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Evolution of detonation wave and parameters of its attenuation when passing along a porous coating

Review of Micro–Nanoscale Surface Coatings Application for Sustaining Dropwise Condensation

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Nucleate pool boiling of R-245fa at low saturation temperatures for hydrogen precooling applications

The influence of macropores on PEDOT/PSS microelectrode coatings for neuronal recording and stimulation

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Albumin-Enriched Fibrin Hydrogel Embedded in Active Ferromagnetic Networks Improves Osteoblast Differentiation and Vascular Self-Organisation

Bone ingrowth comparison of irregular titanium and cobalt-chromium coatings in a translational cancellous bone model.

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Characterization of porous coatings obtained via plasma electrolytic oxidation

Bending of nanoporous thin films under ion radiation

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Multidimensional Design of Micro-Nano Ceramic Coatings

Effects of polyurethane foam on the detonation propagation in stoichiometric hydrogen-air mixture

Modeling solid-phase microextraction of volatile organic compounds by porous coatings using finite element analysis.

Alternatives to insecticides: bio-inspired coatings and sprays to tackle insect pests

Influence of embedded inhibitors on the corrosion resistance of zinc coated with mesoporous silica layers

Thin Coatings of Cerium Oxide Nanoparticles with Anti-Reflective Properties

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Porous Polymer Coatings Based on Nitrocellulose

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Porous Coatings 多孔涂层

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