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Radiopacity of resin-based CAD/CAM blocks assessed by areal grayscale pixel value measurement.

Proper Management of the Clinical Exposure Index Based on Body Thickness Using Dose Optimization Tools in Digital Chest Radiography: A Phantom Study

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Effect of Image Resolution and Compression on Fractal Analysis of the Periapical Bone

Dentists’ use of digital radiographic techniques: Part II – extraoral radiography: a questionnaire study of Swedish dentists

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Nd3+:YAG transparent ceramics sintered under atmospheric pressure for improving the color gamut of LED-lit LCD

Study on laser-based white light sources

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Determining Temperature-Dependent Optical Characteristics of Remote Phosphor Plates by Transmission-Type Measurement System

Two-dimensional axisymmetric opto-thermal phosphor modeling based on fluorescent radiative transfer equation

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The use of smartphones in radiographic diagnosis: accuracy on the detection of marginal gaps

Determination and classification of intraoral phosphor storage plate artifacts and errors

Oxidation pathway to the titanium dioxide metasurface for harnessing photoluminescence

Double-filter high-resolution soft x-ray tomographic diagnostic for investigating electron acceleration in TS-6 reconnection merging experiments.

Radiographic diagnosis of proximal caries is not affected by exposure protocols and presence of high-density material on systems with automatic exposure compensation.


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Phosphor Plate 荧光板

Phosphor Plate 荧光板
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