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Phosphor Materials sentence examples within white light emitting

Eu3+/Eu2+/Tb3+ co-activated single-phase Gd2O2S: A high-performance white light emitting phosphor for light emitting diode

Effects of NaB2O4:Mn2+ and Ba2Li2Si2O7:Sn3+,Mn2+ phosphors and remote structure organizations on the white light-emitting diodes with quantum dots and phosphors

Phosphor Materials sentence examples within light emitting diode

Saturation Mechanisms in Common LED Phosphors

Computational Protocol to Calculate the Phosphorescence Energy of Pt(II) Complexes: Is the Lowest Triplet Excited State Always Involved in Emission? A Comprehensive Benchmark Study.

Phosphor Materials sentence examples within solid state lighting

Effect of heat treatment temperature on microstructure and luminescence properties of alkaline earth aluminosilicate glass- ceramic doped with Eu3+

Highly Luminous N3–-Substituted Li2MSiO4−δN2/3δ:Eu2+ (M = Ca, Sr, and Ba) for White NUV Light-Emitting Diodes

Phosphor Materials sentence examples within solid state reaction

Enhanced photoluminescence in a Eu3+ doped CaTiO3 perovskite phosphor via incorporation of alkali ions for white LEDs

Structural and an orange-red emission studies of Sm3+ doped Ba3La2 (BO3)4 phosphor for solid state lighting application

Phosphor Materials sentence examples within Red Phosphor Materials

A near UV-excited abnormal broad yellow emission phosphor Ba2CaB2Si4O14:Eu2+ for white-light LEDs

Investigation of photoluminescence and dielectric properties of europium-doped LaOCl nanophosphor and its Judd–Ofelt analysis

Phosphor Materials sentence examples within Novel Phosphor Materials

Eu3+/Eu2+/Tb3+ co-activated single-phase Gd2O2S: A high-performance white light emitting phosphor for light emitting diode

Insights into the crystal structure and multifunctional optical properties of A2CdTeO6 (A=Ba, Sr, Ca) double perovskites

Phosphor Materials sentence examples within Inorganic Phosphor Materials

Structural distortion induced enhancement in UV-C emitting properties of Pr3+-activated La-substituted yttrium phosphates (Y1-La PO4:Pr3+)

Tb3+/Pr3+ co-doped ZnMoO4 phosphor with tunable photoluminescence and energy transfer processes

Phosphor Materials sentence examples within Emitting Phosphor Materials

Multifunctional Ca10(PO4)6F2 as a host for radioactive waste immobilization: Am3+/Eu3+ ions distribution, phosphor characteristics and radiation induced changes.

Simultaneous Broadening and Enhancement of Cr3+ Photoluminescence in LiIn2SbO6 by Chemical Unit Cosubstitution: Night-Vision and Near-Infrared Spectroscopy Detection Applications.

Phosphor Materials sentence examples within New Phosphor Materials

Achieving high quantum efficiency independent on luminescence center through sub-lattice cage engineering

Exploring the Impact of Structure-Sensitivity Factors on Thermographic Properties of Dy3+-Doped Oxide Crystals

Phosphor Materials sentence examples within Tunable Phosphor Materials

Rare Earth (RE) doped color tunable phosphors for white light emitting diodes

Novel compounds in the MMeR(BO3)2 borate family (M = alkali metal, Me = alkaline earth metal, R = rare-earth element): Syntheses, crystal structures and luminescent properties

Phosphor Materials sentence examples within Promising Phosphor Materials

Highly efficient Mn-doped CsPb(Br/Cl)3 mixed-halide perovskite via a simple large-scale synthesis method

Optical thermometry based on upconversion luminescence of Yb3+-Er3+ and Yb3+-Ho3+ doped Y6WO12 phosphors.

Phosphor Materials sentence examples within Prepared Phosphor Materials

Effect of annealing temperature on the structure of a ternary aluminate phosphor synthesized via co-precipitation

Analysis of Nd3+ concentration on the structure, morphology and photoluminescence of sol-gel Sr3ZnAl2O7 nanophosphor

Phosphor Materials sentence examples within Powder Phosphor Materials

LIGHTAWE—case studies of LIGHT spreAd in poWder materials: a montE carlo simulation tool for research and educational purposes

Analytical and Monte Carlo comparisons on the optical transport mechanisms of powder phosphors

Phosphor Materials sentence examples within Optimized Phosphor Materials

High Performance and Reliability of Two-Inch Phosphor-in-Glass for White Light-Emitting Diodes Employing Novel Wet-Type Cold Isostatic Pressing

Broadband Short-Wave Infrared Light-Emitting Diodes Based on Cr3+-Doped LiScGeO4 Phosphor.

IR Scene Projection by Optical Down-Conversion

Influence of Eu3+-doped BaTiO3 phosphors on structural, optical and photoluminescence properties

Optimizing the highly efficient cool-white luminescence via modulating Dy3+ ion into novel Sr6Al4Y2O15 nanocrystals for white LEDs

Investigation on Anomalous Thermal Quenching of Mn4+ Luminescence in A2XF6:Mn4+

Photoluminescence tuning in Ba3ScB3O9:Eu2+ phosphor by crystal-site engineering

Simple thermal treatment approach for the synthesis of α-Zn2SiO4 nanoparticles

Synthesis and characterization of Eu3+ activated Ba2-x V2 O7 :xEu3+ phosphor by hydrothermal method: A Potential material for near-UV-WLED applications.

A review on morphological studies of phosphors by combustion route synthesis: The role of fuels

More Phosphor Materials 磷光材料 sentence examples

Luminescence nanomaterials for photocatalysis

Introduction of Molybdenum into the lattice of single-host CaZrO3: Dy3+/Eu3+ to enhance luminescence intensity of the phosphor for white light emission

Optical properties of Tm3+/Yb3+ co-doped XAl2O4 (X = Mg, Ca, Sr and Ba) phosphors: Effect of co-doping of alkaline earths on the radiative as well as non-radiative behaviours

Development of bluish green-emitting Ca2-xEuxSiO4 phosphor: A novel approach using silica nanoparticles as precursor

More Phosphor Materials 磷光材料 sentence examples

Theoretical Investigations for the Defect Structure and the Spin Hamiltonian Parameters of Divalent Cobalt in LiMgPO4

Defect driven tunable optical properties of Li+ and Zr4+ co-doped Eu3+: MgF2 compounds

Photoluminescence studies of Bi3+/Dy3+ co-doped LaGaO3 nanophosphors for display device applications

Carbon Dot-NaCl Crystals for White Light Generation and Fabry-Perot Lasing.

Luminescent kinetics of Dy3+ doped CaZn2(PO4)2 phosphors for white light emitting applications

Luminescence and Energy Transfer of Color-Tunable Y2Mg2Al2Si2O12:Eu2+,Ce3+ Phosphors.

More Phosphor Materials 磷光材料 sentence examples

Role of rare-earth ions for energy-saving LED lighting devices

Influence of dopant concentration on powder morphology and photoluminescence characteristics of red-emitting Eu3+-doped ZnO

Laser excited structured crystal phosphor waveguide for high power applications

Photoluminescence imaging of europium (III)-doped γ-Al2 O3 nanofiber structures.

Self-Assembled Copper Nanoclusters-Based White Light Emitting Diodes With High Performance

Vibrationally induced color shift tuning of photoluminescence in Ce 3+ -doped garnet phosphors

Radio-photoluminescence observed in Eu-doped BABF glass-ceramics

3D-Printed alternating current electroluminescent devices

High luminous flux laser lighting using single-crystal Ce:YAG phosphor

Near-ultraviolet excited Tm3+ and Dy3+ ions co-doped barium lanthanum silica oxide phosphors for white-light applications

Hydrogen-Containing Na3HTi1- xMnxF8 Narrow-Band Phosphor for Light-Emitting Diodes

Homogeneous core-shell structure stabilizes Mn4+-doped fluoride red phosphors for high-performance warm-white LEDs

A search for extra-high brightness laser-driven color converters by investigating thermally-induced luminance saturation

Down-conversion characteristics of Eu3+ doped M2Y2Si2O9 (M = Ba, Ca, Mg and Sr) nanomaterials for innovative solar panels

New red-emitting phosphor RbxK3−xSiF7:Mn4+ (x = 0, 1, 2, 3): DFT predictions and synthesis

Stabilizing Fluoride Phosphors: Surface Modification by Atomic Layer Deposition

Luminescence material characterizations on laser-phosphor lighting techniques.

A delayed gating approach for interference-free ratio-based phosphor thermometry

Solid-solution transformation and photoluminescence control in Ce3+-doped Ln4Si2-xMxO7+xN2-x (Ln = Y, Lu; M = B, Al, P) oxonitridosilicate phosphors

Efficient red-luminescence of CaLa2ZnO5 phosphors co-doped by Ce3+ and Eu3+ ions

Near UV excited multi-color photoluminescence in RE3+ (RE=Tb, Sm, Dy and Eu) doped Ca2Pb3(PO4)3Cl phosphors

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