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Factors Affecting Patient Decision-making on Surgery for Lumbar Disc Herniation

A Domain-General Role for the Angular Gyrus in Retrieving Internal Representations of the External World

Shorter Reviews

The Self: Cohesive and Fragmented, Elusive and Kaleidoscopic

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Fellow travellers in cognitive evolution: Co-evolution of working memory and mental time travel?

Intragenerational Variations in Autobiographical Memory: China’s “Sent-Down Youth” Generation

Time perspective differences between depressed patients and non-depressed participants, and their relationships with depressive and anxiety symptoms.

Temporal Self, Psychopathology, and Adaptive Functioning Deficits: An Examination of Acute Psychiatric Patients

Sport and social movements: Lilí Álvarez in Franco’s Spain

Do Misperceptions of Peer Drinking Influence Personal Drinking Behavior? Results From a Complete Social Network of First-Year College Students

Life Narratives of the Past: Herta Müller on Communist Romania

Examining the relationship between stressful life events and overgeneral autobiographical memory in adolescents at high familial risk of depression

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Personal Past 个人过去

Personal Past 个人过去
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