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Student Perspectives on the Role of Peer Support Following Concussion: Development of the SUCCESS Peer Mentoring Program.

Digital Storytelling Project for Language Teachers

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Who Cares? Black Women as Contingent Faculty and the Leadership Imperative of Labor Justice

Pandemonium, panic and the pandemic: implications for human resource development from an unplanned shift to online learning

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Asking the Right Question: Inferring Advice-Seeking Intentions from Personal Narratives

Listening to the listeners: intersections of participation, voice, and development in community radio

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Navigating Multiple Identities: Decentering International Relations

Negotiating tensions: an autoethnographic account of classroom-based research

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Two african immigrant graduate students reflect on food access, food (in)security, and community during the pandemic

“All Names are Pseudonyms”: A Critical Reflection on Pseudonymizing Names in HCI: “All Names are Pseudonyms”

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The Introductive Baka/Bāki in Rural Palestinian Arabic

Teaching medical students, psychiatric residents, and fellows about cognitive biases: Lunch a go-go.

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Factors leading to satisfaction with counseling for Labor after Cesarean among Latina women in the United States.

Ethnopoetics and Narrative Analysis

A Cross-Sectional Study of SARS-CoV-2 Vaccination Among Employees of an Urban Safety-Net Health Care System

Brands as personal narratives: learning from user–YouTube–brand interactions

Representations of the Peninsular War in Portuguese and British historical novels

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An analysis of content of lay-press articles focused on cancer from leading U.S. newspapers from 2010 to 2019.

“A Star Is Born”: Gender, Soft Power and Biopics in the Cold War Romanian Cinema Darclée (1961)

Othering, Intersectionality, and Americanism

Chapter 5: The Traditions of Audience Development

Sensing Textures: Tactile Resistance

Towards a taxonomy of conversational discourse types: An empirical corpus-based analysis

Who Am I and What Is My Role in Reconciliation with Indigenous Peoples?

Start the Way You Want to Finish: An Intensive Diversity, Equity, Inclusion Orientation Curriculum in Undergraduate Medical Education

Childhood Trauma in Women and Fragmented Interview Narratives – Some Interdisciplinary Methodological and Clinical Implications

Book Review: Expanding the Rainbow: Exploring the Relationships of Bi+, Polyamorous, Kinky, Ace, Intersex, and Trans People

Emotion Carrier Recognition from Personal Narratives

Effect of an Intensive Mindful Practice Workshop on Patient-Centered Compassionate Care, Clinician Well-Being, Work Engagement, and Teamwork.

The Watermark of a Self in Narrating the Past: A Study of Autobiographical Memory in Vladimir Nabokov’s Speak, Memory

Understanding Israel/Palestine: Race, Nation, and Human Rights in the Conflict (Second Edition). Eve Spangler, (Boston, MA: Brill Sense, 2019). Pp. 413. $42.00 paper. ISBN: 9789004394124

Narrative Tensions in Strained Junior Elite Performers’ Experiences of Becoming Elite Performers

Ageing Activisms: A Narrative Exploration of Older Adults’ Experiences of Political Participation

Social isolation as a core feature of adolescent depression: a qualitative study in Porto Alegre, Brazil

Analysing narrative engagement with immersive environments: designing audience-centric experiences for cultural heritage learning

Considering the Effects of Computer Scientist Stereotypes on Student Mental Health

Coping with distress among adolescents: Effectiveness of personal narratives on support websites

Digital storytelling and the narrative turn in psychology: Creating spaces for collective empowerment

A Cross-Sectional Study about Knowledge, Awareness and Perception of Risk Factors for Cancer among Cancer-Patients Relatives and Healthy Adults in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Poetry Is Not a Luxury: Engaging Learners in Multiple Literacies through Creative Poetics

Enhancing frontline workforce volunteerism through exploration of motivations and impact during the COVID-19 pandemic

Between field and home: notes from the balcony

“Everybody Needs to Do Their Part, So We Can Get This Under Control.” Reactions to the Norwegian Government Meta‐Narratives on COVID‐19 Measures

Theatre Connect: Key Strategies for Facilitating LGBTQQ Youth Theatre Programs

Learning from Fiction to Change our Personal Narratives

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Personal Narratives 个人叙述

Personal Narratives 个人叙述
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