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Trans-2-Hexenal-Based Antifungal Packaging to Extend the Shelf Life of Strawberries

Are Peach Cultivars Used in Conventional Long Food Supply Chains Suitable for the High-Quality Short Markets?

Effect of Different Modified Atmosphere Packaging on the Quality of Mulberry Fruit (Morus alba L. cv Kokuso 21)

Effect of Freezing Modes, Storage Time, and Defrosting Methods on Microbiological Quality Parameters of Apricots

Microbiological and physicochemical quality of strawberries (Fragaria × ananassa) coated with Lactobacillus rhamnosus and inulin enriched gelatin films

An IoT-Based Real-Time Intelligent Monitoring and Notification System of Cold Storage

Plant Essential Oils Were Used to Characterize and Control Post-Harvest Fungal Infections in Peaches

Improvement of post-harvest fruit characteristics in tomato by fruit-specific over-expression of oat arginine decarboxylase gene

Post-Harvest Warehouse Management for Actinidia arguta Fruits

Consolidated cold and modified atmosphere package system for fresh strawberry supply chains

Postharvest exogenous melatonin treatment of strawberry reduces postharvest spoilage but affects components of the aroma profile

Biopreservation of Fresh Strawberries by Carboxymethyl
Cellulose Edible Coatings Enriched with a Bacteriocin from 
Bacillus methylotrophicus BM47

Poly lactic acid-quercetin nanoformulation synthesised using Syzygium cumini leaf extract improves the shelf life of tomato at room temperature

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Perishable Fruits 易腐烂的水果

Perishable Fruits 易腐烂的水果
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