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Synergistic roles of Pt0 and Pt2+ species in propane combustion over high-performance Pt/AlF3 catalysts

Effects of Pt loading onto SnO2 electrodes on CO-sensing properties and mechanism of potentiometric gas sensors utilizing an anion-conducting polymer electrolyte

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Impact of Preparation Method and Hydrothermal Aging on Particle Size Distribution of Pt/γ-Al2O3 and Its Performance in CO and NO Oxidation

An acetone gas sensor based on nanosized Pt-loaded Fe2O3 nanocubes

Mild Preoxidation Treatment of Pt/TiO2 Catalyst and Its Enhanced Low Temperature Formaldehyde Decomposition

Parathyroid Hormone Measurement in Chronic Kidney Disease: From Basics to Clinical Implications

Mechanism of Pt interfacial interaction with carbonaceous support under reductive conditions

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Theoretical study of photoreactions between oxidized pterins and molecular oxygen

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Oxidized Pt 氧化铂

Oxidized Pt 氧化铂
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