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The Revival of Classical Architecture in Athens, 1830-1840: Educational Institutions designed by Christian Hansen and Stamatios Kleanthis

Musealisation as a strategy for the reconstruction of an idealised Ottoman past: Istanbul’s Sultanahmet district as a ‘museum-quarter’

From three Ottoman gates to three Serbian sites of memory: The performative rewriting of Belgrade from 1878 until today

Delusion street: Commemoration and monumentality in post-Ottoman Iraklio, Crete

The impact of Turkish Orientalism on Arabesk debate: self-Orientalism, Occidentalist fantasy and Arabesk music

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States of the Middle East in Search of Foreign Policy Identity

‘Den Balkan gibt es nicht’. Erbschaften im südöstlichen Europa

Pseudo-Historicism and Architecture: The New Ottomanism in Turkey

The Ottoman Landscape of Büyükçekmece. A Case of Oversight or Misinterpretation of the Past

‘Build memories’, collages on paper, 2017

Conversion and Memory: A Dialogic Narrative Contextualisation of Liminal Identity

Between East & West: Drivers Behind Turkish Foreign Policy in a Multipolar World

ResurReaction: Competing Visions of Turkey’s (proto) Ottoman Past in Magnificent Century and Resurrection Ertuğrul

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Ottoman Past 奥斯曼过去

Ottoman Past 奥斯曼过去
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