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Ligand-Metal Cooperation Enables C–C Activation Cross-Coupling Reactivity of Cyclopropyl Ketones

Transition‐Metal‐Free Synthesis of Polyfunctional Triarylmethanes and 1,1‐Diarylalkanes by Sequential Cross‐Coupling of Benzal Diacetates with Organozinc Reagents

C( sp 3 )−C( sp 3 ) Bond Formation via Electrochemical Alkoxylation and Subsequent Lewis Acid Promoted Reactions

A Ball Milling Enabled Cross-Electrophile Coupling

Ei-ichi Negishi (1935–2021)

Coupling of Reformatsky Reagents with Aryl Chlorides Enabled by Ylide‐Functionalized Phosphine Ligands

Synthesis of 1,4 and 1,5-Amino Alcohols via Nucleophilic Addition of Semicyclic N,O-Acetal with Organozinc Reagents.

Efficient Synthesis of All-Carbon Quaternary Centers via the Conjugate Addition of Functionalized Monoorganozinc Bromides.

Fukuyama Cross-Coupling Approach to Isoprekinamycin: Discovery of the Highly Active and Bench-Stable Palladium Precatalyst POxAP.

A theoretical quest to identify the precedence between NHC side group (R′) and bridge group (R) in the formation of [NHC(R′)(M(di-μ-R)YR)] (M = Li, Na, K; Y = Zn, Cd; R = H, CH3, t-Butyl, Si(CH3)3, C6H5; R′ = H, CH3, Dipp) complexes

Microscopy Reveals: Impact of Lithium Salts on Elementary Steps Predicts Organozinc Reagent Synthesis and Structure.

Active template rotaxane synthesis through the Ni-catalyzed cross-coupling of alkylzinc reagents with redox-active esters† †Electronic supplementary information (ESI) available. See DOI: 10.1039/c9sc02457c

Enantioselective Radical Addition/Cross-Coupling of Organozinc Reagents, Alkyl Iodides, and Alkenylboron Reagents.

Synthesis of 5-Substituted 2-Pyrrolidinones by Coupling of Organozinc Reagents with Cyclic N-Acyliminium Ions

Organic and Organometallic Chemistry at the Single-Molecule, -Particle, and -Molecular-Catalyst-Turnover Level by Fluorescence Microscopy.

Cobalt‐Catalyzed Cross‐Couplings and Electrophilic Aminations using Organozinc Pivalates

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Organozinc Reagents 有机锌试剂

Organozinc Reagents 有机锌试剂
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