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Direct molecular confinement in layered double hydroxides: from fundamental to advanced photo-luminescent hybrid materials

Correction: Organic guest molecule induced ultrafast breathing of an epitaxially grown metal-organic framework on a self-assembled monolayer.

Guest exchange in anhydrous inclusion compounds of α-cyclodextrin and its amorphization

Encapsulation of Fullerenes: A Versatile Approach for the Confinement and Release of Materials Within Open-Ended Multiwalled Carbon Nanotubes

Lateral-size control of exfoliated transition-metal-oxide 2D materials by machine learning on small data.

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Dyes Encapsulated Within Porous Aluminosilicates as Photocatalysts

Inorganic–Organic Hybrids of Tungsten Oxide as the High Performance Intercalation Supercapacitor Electrodes

Undoped and Eu3+ Doped Magnesium-Aluminium Layered Double Hydroxides: Peculiarities of Intercalation of Organic Anions and Investigation of Luminescence Properties

Isolated π-Interaction Sites in Mesoporous MOF Backbone for Repetitive and Reversible Dynamics in Water.

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Organic Guest 有机客人

Organic Guest 有机客人
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