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Facile Synthesis of Quaternary Structurally Ordered L12-Pt(Fe, Co, Ni)3 Nanoparticles with Low Content of Platinum as Efficient Oxygen Reduction Reaction Electrocatalysts

Structurally ordered PtSn intermetallic nanoparticles supported on ATO for efficient methanol oxidation reaction.

Highly Ordered Pt-Np Catalyst from Self-Assembly of Block Copolymer and Its Durability in Fuel Cell Application

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Thin film fabrication using nanoscale flat substrates

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Barkhausen Noise from Precessional Domain Wall Motion.

Surface and Subsurface Structures of the Pt–FeSurface Alloy on Pt(111)

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Calculating spin transport properties from first principles: Spin currents

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Surface Ru enriched structurally ordered intermetallic PtFe@PtRuFe core-shell nanostructure boosts methanol oxidation reaction catalysis

Design of Cu-based intermetallic nanocrystals for enhancing hydrogenation selectivity

Achievements, challenges and perspectives on cathode catalysts in proton exchange membrane fuel cells for transportation

3D PtAu nanoframe superstructure as a high-performance carbon-free electrocatalyst.

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Toward Phase and Catalysis Control: Tracking the Formation of Intermetallic Nanoparticles at Atomic Scale

Variations of Major and Minor Elements in Pt–Fe Alloy Minerals: A Review and New Observations

Leaching- and sintering-resistant hollow or structurally ordered intermetallic PtFe alloy catalysts for oxygen reduction reactions.

Effect of the Random Defects Generated in the Surface of Pt(111) on the Electro-oxidation of Ethanol: An Electrochemical Study.

Optimizing PtFe intermetallics for oxygen reduction reaction: from DFT screening to in situ XAFS characterization.

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Ordered Pt 订购铂

Ordered Pt 订购铂
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