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Native Epistemology and Dancing

Augmented reality system for tourism using image-based recognition

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Toward global paradigm change: beyond the crisis of the liberal world order

Human Values and Attitudes towards Vaccination in Social Media

Disnarration and the Unmentioned in Fact: Oral Narratives of Personal Experience

Orality, historiography and literary imaginations: The interfaces of narratives.

Meaning-Making through Gesticulations in the Story-Telling Enterprise: An Exploratory Case Study of One Iranian Child

Análisis de narraciones orales en preescolares con signos neurológicos blandos y dificultades de lenguaje

A educação e a experiência de si nos relatos de uma narradora às margens do Rio Doce

Response to Sarbeswar Sahoo and Eliza Kent

Rethinking tourism narratives on the cultural landscapes of Asturias (Northern Spain) from the perspective of Landscape Archaeology: do archaeologists have anything to say?

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Don Fermín, una historia de vida yaqui

School-Year Grammatical Development in Narrative Retells: Spanish-English Dual Language Learners

Influential factors in lexical richness of young heritage speakers’ family language: Iranians in New Zealand

Griots, cantadores e rappers: do fundamento do verbo às performances da palavra

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Identidades afrocolombianas de niños y niñas de primera infancia y sus cuidadores: estudio de caso desarrollado en el centro cultural del barrio El Oasis del municipio de Soacha (Cundinamarca)

The Role of Mirriiysaa: Function in Focus

Women’s experience of violence and suffering as represented in loyalist accounts of the English Civil War

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As Novas territorialidades dos Ka’apor nas Comunidades I’puy renda e Turizinho

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Interactive Component in Oral Narratives of Preschool Children: on the Formulation of Hypothesis

The Influence of Anxiety: A Study of the Postcolonial Memory and its Influence on the Indian Postcolonial Research

Exploring a Travel Diary that Promotes Wellbeing - Synergy Between Oral and Visual Narratives of Memorable and Meaningful Experiences

Fear and Wonder: Shakespeare’s Ghost in the Fireside Tradition

Assessing study abroad students’ intercultural sensitivity with narratives

Time to turn over the crown: A temporal narrative analysis of royal leadership succession

The Long-Term Mental Health Consequences of Torture, Loss, and Insecurity: A Qualitative Study Among Survivors of Armed Conflict in the Dang District of Nepal

História e memória: os dizeres sobre a festa de Santa Edwiges na cidade de Pouso Alegre–MG

Book Review: Sutapa Dutta, British Women Missionaries in Bengal, 1793–1861

In Search of a Meaningful Story: Oral History and Triathlon Memory in Australia

Vontade de beleza e ritual nas artes verbais ameríndias

Promoting narrative competence in kindergarten: An intervention study

Human Agency and Its Discursive Practices

Reflexões sobre preconceito e exclusão nas práticas corporais: narrativas de participantes de um projeto social (Reflections about prejudice and exclusion in corporal practices: narratives of participants from a social project)

“It’s an Old House and That’s How It Works”: Living Sufficiently Well in Inefficient Homes

Learning to Love Krishna: A Living Theology of Moral Emotions

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Oral Narratives 口头叙述

Oral Narratives 口头叙述
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