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A New European Species of The Opportunistic Pathogenic Genus Saksenaea – S. dorisiae Sp. Nov.

Saksenaea dorisiae sp. nov., a New Opportunistic Pathogenic Fungus from Europe

Cancelable Biometrics: a comprehensive survey

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Unique Fog Computing Taxonomy for Evaluating Cloud Services

Taxonomy-Aware Multi-Hop Reasoning Networks for Sequential Recommendation


Which Are the Tools Available for Scholars? A Review of Assisting Software for Authors during Peer Reviewing Process

Post-Crisis Changes in Global Bank Business Models: A New Taxonomy

Retheorizing Progressive Taxation

Scandinavium goeteborgense gen. nov., sp. nov., a New Member of the Family Enterobacteriaceae Isolated From a Wound Infection, Carries a Novel Quinolone Resistance Gene Variant

UAV Base Station Location Optimization for Next Generation Wireless Networks: Overview and Future Research Directions

State of the Art Survey of Deep Learning and Machine Learning Models for Smart Cities and Urban Sustainability

Cloud Brokerage

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Analysis of Human Performance Deficiencies Associated With Surgical Adverse Events

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Better Lost in Transition Than Lost in Space: SLAM State Machine

Paracremonium moubasheri, a new species from an alkaline sediment of Lake Hamra in Wadi-El-Natron, Egypt with a key to the accepted species

Review of soft computing models in design and control of rotating electrical machines

A robotics-oriented taxonomy of how ethologists characterize the traversability of animal environments

Modeling and Computational Characterization of Twitter Customer Service Conversations

Pseudokabatana alburnus n. gen. n. sp., (Microsporidia) from the liver of topmouth culter Culter alburnus (Actinopterygii, Cyprinidae) from China

Elliptical Curve Cryptography Based Access Control Solution for IoT Based WSN

Vagococcus bubulae sp. nov., isolated from ground beef, and Vagococcus vulneris sp. nov., isolated from a human foot wound.

Evidence for Co-evolutionary History of Early Diverging Lycopodiaceae Plants With Fungi

Laser Eyes for Driverless Cars: The Road to Automotive LIDAR

Vehicle Routing with Compartments Under Product Incompatibility Constraints

Artificial Intelligence for Elastic Management and Orchestration of 5G Networks

High-Level Multiple-UAV Cinematography Tools for Covering Outdoor Events

Health-care providers’ perspectives on uncertainty generated by variant forms of newborn screening targets

Advances in Machine Learning Modeling Reviewing Hybrid and Ensemble Methods

STAR: Spatio-Temporal Taxonomy-Aware Tag Recommendation for Citizen Complaints

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Miss-and-run: Factors contributing to two-vehicle phantom vehicle crashes in Florida

SCMS: Tool for Assessing a Novel Taxonomy of Complexity Metrics for any Java Project at the Class and Method Levels based on Statement Level Metrics

State of the Art of Machine Learning Models in Energy Systems, a Systematic Review

Yersinia kristensenii subsp. rochesterensis subsp. nov., isolated from human feces.

Incremental methods in face recognition: a survey

A Survey of Deep Learning Techniques: Application in Wind and Solar Energy Resources

Service Dogs for Veterans with PTSD: Taxonomy, Work Stress Reduction, and Matching

Phylogenetic and morphological appraisal of Diatrype lijiangensis sp. nov. (Diatrypaceae, Xylariales) from China

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The effectiveness of knowledge management in the public sector

Comparative Analysis of Content-based Personalized Microblog Recommendations [Experiments and Analysis]

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Novel Taxon 新分类群

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