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Meeting energy needs of low-income Sub-Saharan households with a Partially Hybridised Solar Technology (PHST): Experimental performance evaluation based on simulated solar radiation and demand profiles

Investigation on the Prevalence of Canine Microfilaremia in Thailand Using a Novel Microfluidic Device in Combination with Real-Time PCR

31115 Perimetric resilience in the retina: spatial distribution of preserved peripheral visual field loci in retinitis pigmentosa

CyAnno: A semi-automated approach for cell type annotation of mass cytometry datasets.

Semi-automated analysis of supraclavicular thermal images increases speed of brown adipose tissue analysis without increasing variation in results

Impact of Inter-and Intra-Fraction Motion on Delivered Dose for Prostate SBRT Patients Treated on an MRL-Linac Using a Novel Semi-Automated Dose Accumulation Framework.

The use of a novel method for SPECT/CT quantification of 99m-Tc-PYP uptake in the evaluation of ATTR cardiac amyloidosis

Quantifying Root Colonization in Arbuscular Mycorrhizas by Image Segmentation and Machine Learning

Unveiling buried aeolian landscapes: reconstructing a late Holocene dune environment using 3D GPR

Prognostication of the abdominal aortic aneurysm with a novel three-dimensional ultrasonographic analysis system and its comparison with computed tomography

Semi-automated Tracing of Hamstring Muscle Architecture for B-mode Ultrasound Images.

Upper Airway Effective Compliance during Wakefulness and Sleep in Obese Adolescents Studied via 2-Dimensional Dynamic MRI and Semi-automated Image Segmentation.

76352 Investigating the Association Between Intracerebral Hemorrhage (ICH) and Long-Term Encephalomalacia and Cortical Atrophy

An algorithm for measuring landslide deformation in terrestrial lidar point clouds using trees

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Novel Semi Automated 新型半自动化
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