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Some Aspects of the Azide-Alkyne 1,3-Dipolar Cycloaddition Reaction

Establishing Cation and Radical Donor Ability Scales of Electrophilic F, CF3, and SCF3 Transfer Reagents.

SHG-enhanced NIR-excited in vitro photodynamic therapy using composite nanoparticles of barium titanate and rose Bengal

Hetero-difunctional Reagent with Superior Flotation Performance to Chalcopyrite and the Associated Surface Interaction Mechanism.

A dataset describing a suite of novel antibody reagents for the RAS signaling network

Temporal effect of MgO reactivity on the stabilization of lead contaminated soil.

Analyses of IgE-epitope profiles from legume allergens as approach towards the development of novel diagnostic and therapeutic reagents in food allergy

The differential effect of sub-micron level HA aggregates on influenza potency assays.

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Novel Reagents 新型试剂

Novel Reagents 新型试剂
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