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Evolution and diagenetic implications of framboids in the methane-related carbonates of the northern Okinawa Trough

Seasonal variations in salinity of the North Pacific Intermediate Water and vertical mixing intensity over the Okinawa Trough

Northern Okinawa sentence examples within northern okinawa island

Ecological management of insular forests: conservation of endangered species and native ecosystems in Ryukyu Archipelago

Balancing timber production and habitat conservation of Okinawa Rails (Gallirallus okinawae): Application of a harvest scheduling optimization model in subtropical forest in Okinawa, Japan

Landscape features of endangered Ryukyu long-furred rat (Diplothrix legata) roadkill sites in Yambaru, Okinawa-jima Island

Environmental DNA metabarcoding to detect pathogenic Leptospira and associated organisms in leptospirosis-endemic areas of Japan

Detecting inter- and intra-island genetic diversity: population structure of the endangered crocodile newt, Echinotriton andersoni, in the Ryukyus

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Northern Okinawa 冲绳北部

Northern Okinawa 冲绳北部
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