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Understanding how to ensure efficient operation of cargo bikes on winter roads

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Long-term testing methods for HDPE pipe - advantages and disadvantages: A review

In-situ pilot-scale passive biochemical reactors for Ni removal from saline mine drainage under subarctic climate conditions

Technoeconomic Design of a Geothermal-Enabled Cold Climate Zero Energy Community

Technical feasibility evaluation of a solar PV based off-grid domestic energy system with battery and hydrogen energy storage in northern climates

Extending Cover Crop Benefits with Zone Till Management in Northern Organic Summer Squash Production

Exploring cold regions autonomous operations

Boosting Performance

Overwintering Honey Bee Colonies: Effect of Worker Age and Climate on the Hindgut Microbiota

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Influence of Binder Source and Recycled Asphalt Materials on Asphalt Binder Relaxation Properties for Northern Climates

Ecosystem Services and Cash Crop Tradeoffs of Summer Cover Crops in Northern Region Organic Vegetable Rotations

Wheat and Cereal Rye Inter-Row Living Mulches Interfere with Early Season Weeds in Soybean

Increased freezing stress tolerance of Nicotiana tabacum L. cv. Bright Yellow-2 cell cultures with the medium addition of Ascophyllum nodosum (L.) Le Jolis extract

Influence of Organic Carbon Sources on Metal Removal from Mine Impacted Water Using Sulfate-Reducing Bacteria Bioreactors in Cold Climates

Relay and sequential cropping corn with winter oilseed crops in northern climates

Winter Cabin Water Tap Monitor and Release System to Reduce Risk of Freezing

Economic viability of perennial grass biomass feedstock in northern climates.

Leachate treatment: Assessment of the systemic changes in the composition and biodegradability of leachates originating in an open co-composting facility in Canada

Efficiency of batch biochemical reactors for mine drainage treatment at low temperature and high salinity

Impact of Fruit Zone Sunlight Exposure on Ripening Profiles of Cold Climate Interspecific Hybrid Winegrapes

A Preliminary Analysis on the Night Cooling Potential of Photovoltaic/thermal (PV/T) Panels for European Cities

Reducing hypovitaminosis D among Somali immigrants in Minnesota: a narrative review

Assessing the influence of soil freeze–thaw cycles on catchment water storage–flux–age interactions using a tracer-aided ecohydrological model

Assessing the influence of soil freeze-thaw cycles on catchment water storage – flux – age interactions 1 using a tracer-aided ecohydrological model 2

Performance of passive systems for mine drainage treatment at low temperature and high salinity: A review

Coupling Variable Renewable Electricity Production to the Heating Sector through Curtailment and Power-to-heat Strategies for Accelerated Emission Reduction

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Northern Climates 北方气候

Northern Climates 北方气候
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