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Non Ideal Gas sentence examples within cylindrical shock wave

Magnetogasdynamic exponential shock wave in a self-gravitating, rotational axisymmetric non-ideal gas under the influence of heat-conduction and radiation heat-flux

Similarity solutions for cylindrical shock waves in a non-ideal gas under the action of monochromatic radiation

Non Ideal Gas sentence examples within shock wave propagation

A self-similar solution for unsteady adiabatic and isothermal flows behind the shock wave in a non-ideal gas using Lie group analysis method with azimuthal or axial magnetic field in rotating medium

Exact Similarity Solution for the Propagation of Spherical Shock Wave in a van der Waals Gas with Azimuthal Magnetic Field, Radiation Heat Flux, Radiation Pressure and Radiation Energy Under Gravitational Field

Non Ideal Gas sentence examples within axial magnetic field

Analytical solution for unsteady flow behind ionizing shock wave in a rotational axisymmetric non-ideal gas with azimuthal or axial magnetic field

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Similarity solutions for strong shock waves in non-ideal magnetogasdynamics under the effect of monochromatic radiation

Analysis of magnetogasdynamic spherical shock wave in dusty real gas with gravitational field and monochromatic radiation

Thermodynamics simulation performance of rice husk combustion with a realistic decomposition approach on the devolatilization stage

Methanol: association behaviour, third-law entropy analysis and determination of the enthalpy of formation

Entransy transfer analysis methodology for energy conversion systems operating with thermodynamic cycles

Similarity solution for magnetogasdynamic shock wave in a perfectly conducting dusty gas with axial or azimuthal magnetic field in rotating medium under the influence of radiative and conductive heat fluxes

High subsonic flow of an organic vapor past a circular cylinder

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Two semi-analytical approaches for solving condensation shocks in supersonic nozzle flows

Influence of non-ideal gas characteristics on working fluid properties and thermal cycle of space nuclear power generation system

HyperCODA – Extension of Flow Solver CODA Towards Hypersonic Flows

Implications of Phase Change on the Aerodynamics of Centrifugal Compressors for Supercritical Carbon Dioxide Applications

Large Eddy Simulations of Strongly Non-Ideal Compressible Flows through a Transonic Cascade

Pore-scale study of non-ideal gas dynamics under tight confinement considering rarefaction, denseness and molecular interactions

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Non Ideal Gas 非理想气体

Non Ideal Gas 非理想气体
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