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A versatile strategy for mechanically durable nanocomposite cryogels based on cationic (alkyl)methacrylates and hydrophilic bentonite via freezing (cryo)polymerization.

Insight into (alkyl)methacrylate-based copolymer/sepiolite nanocomposite cryogels containing amino and sulfonic acid groups: Optimization of network properties and elasticity via cryogelation process

Exploring the role of Muscovite in poly(alkyl methacrylate)-based ternary nanocomposite cryogels with selective functional groups: formation via cryogelling with the aid of inorganic clay.

Charged groups synergically enhanced elasticity and tunable swelling/shrinking of poly(dialkylaminoethyl methacrylate)/layered silicate nanocomposite cryogels

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Nanocomposite Cryogel 纳米复合冷冻凝胶

Nanocomposite Cryogel 纳米复合冷冻凝胶
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