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An SVM Scheme for Three-Level Quasi-Switched Boost T-Type Inverter With Enhanced Voltage Gain and Capacitor Voltage Balance

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Mixed Ionic and Electronic Conduction in Small-Molecule Semiconductors.

B←N-Incorporated Dibenzo-azaacenes as n-Type Thermoelectric Materials.

Interfacial and Permeating Modification Effect of n-type Non-fullerene Acceptors toward High-Performance Perovskite Solar Cells.

Effects of the Polarity and Bulkiness of End-Functionalized Side Chains on the Charge Transport of Dicyanovinyl-End-Capped Diketopyrrolopyrrole-Based n-Type Small Molecules.

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The pyroclastic breccias from Cabezo Negro de Tallante (SE Spain): Is there any relation with carbonatitic magmatism?

Three-Layer Double Vectors Model Predictive Control Strategy for Current Harmonic Reduction and Neutral Point Voltage Balance in Vienna Rectifier

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A Fuzzy PID Algorithm-Based Attitude Control Method of Suspension-Type Small Rail Vehicles

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N Type Small N型小

N Type Small N型小
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