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Can seasonal soil N mineralisation trends be leveraged to enhance pasture growth?

Plant phosphorus-acquisition and -use strategies affect soil carbon cycling.

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Phosphorus recovery from co-digested pig slurry : development of the RePeat process

Distinguishing Rapid and Slow C Cycling Feedbacks to Grazing in Sub-arctic Tundra

Biochar reduced extractable dieldrin concentrations and promoted oligotrophic growth including microbial degraders of chlorinated pollutants.

African A-Type granites: A geochemical review on metallogenic potential

Fe2+ and UV Catalytically Enhanced Ozonation of Selected Environmentally Persistent Antibiotics

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Genesis of the vein-type Gaocheng Ag-Pb-Zn deposit in the western Guangdong Province of China and its implication for regional exploration

How does agroecology practices impact soil carbon stock and fluxes in a maize field?

Forcing climate variability has large impacts on terrestrial carbon storage in a dynamic global vegetation model

Begutachtung im Bereich des SGB VII: Vorschaden und Kausalität bei apophysären Verletzungen und Lösungen

Differential effect of frequency and duration of mechanical loading on fetal chick cartilage and bone development.

Metal anomalies in till in the Sarvlaxviken area, Lovisa, southern Finland

Hydrological and biogeochemical controls on temporal variations of dissolved carbon and solutes in a karst river, South China

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Petrogeochemical and isotopic characteristics, connection with magmatism of tungsten deposits of Aginskaya and Argunskaya structural-formation zones of the Eastern Transbaikalia

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SHRIMP U-Pb dating of cassiterite: Insights into the timing of Rwandan tin mineralisation and associated tectonic processes

Blended Amendments: A Sustainable Approach for Managing Nutrient Deficiency in Rice Fields

An experimentally informed statistical elasto-plastic mineralised collagen fibre model at the micrometre and nanometre lengthscale

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3D thermal convection in the Proterozoic McArthur River Zn-Pb-Ag mineral system, northern Australia

Genesis of the Heiyanshan Tungsten Skarn Deposit in the East Tianshan, NW China: Insights From Geology, Fluid Inclusion, Isotopic Geochemistry and Geochronology

Chemical properties of agro-waste compost affect greenhouse gas emission from soils through changed C and N mineralisation

Towards an understanding of mineral systems – Contributions from magnetotelluric data from the Fennoscandian Shield in northern Sweden

Opening the black box: soil microcosm experiments reveal soot-black carbon short-term oxidation and influence on organic carbon mineralisation

3D reflection seismic imaging of the iron-oxide deposits in the Ludvika mining area (Sweden) using a focusing pre-stack depth migration approach

Meta-exoproteomics identifies active plant-microbe interactions operating in the rhizosphere

High-Tech-Metalle in ostalpinen Buntmetallsulfidvorkommen: geologische Faktoren ihrer Anreicherung, Verteilung und Mobilisation (drei MRI-Projekte 2015–2019)

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Co-Ni-arsenide mineralisation in the Bou Azzer district (Anti-Atlas, Morocco): Genetic model and tectonic implications

Pathways of microfossil mineralisation by hematite in the 1878 Ma Gunflint Formation

Effect of chitosan reinforcement on properties of hydroxyapatite/silk fibroin composite for biomedical application

Estimating nitrogen release from Brassicacatch crop residues—Comparison of different approaches within the APSIM model

Nitrogen cycling in soil under grass-clover pasture: Influence of long-term inputs of superphosphate on N mineralisation

Fungal community composition analysis of 24 different urban parks in Shanghai, China

Stikstofwerking van organische meststoffen en hun relatie met gebruiksnormen

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GEMAS: Geochemical background and mineral potential of emerging tech-critical elements in Europe revealed from low-sampling density geochemical mapping

Predicting nitrogen mineralisation in Australian irrigated cotton cropping systems

Pore Scale Modelling of Carbon Capture and Sequestration

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Translating expressions of intrusion-related mineral systems into mappable spatial proxies for mineral potential mapping: Case studies from the Southern New England Orogen, Australia

Potential of Critical High-technology Metals in Eastern Alpine Base Metal Sulfide Ores

The Poopó Polymetallic Epithermal Deposit, Bolivia: Mineralogy, Genetic Constraints, and Distribution of Critical Elements

Changes in Nutrients and Bioavailability of Potentially Toxic Metals in Mine Waste Contaminated Soils Amended with Fly Ash Enriched Vermicompost

CARBIOSOL: Biological indicators of soil quality and organic carbon in grasslands and croplands in Wallonia, Belgium.

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Mapping iron oxide Cu-Au (IOCG) mineral potential in Australia using a knowledge-driven mineral systems-based approach

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Delineating cobalt targets from a galvanic and inductive source Sub-Audio Magnetics (SAM) at the Carlow Castle project, Western Australia

Simulation of productivity and soil moisture under Marandu palisade grass using the CSM-CROPGRO-Perennial Forage model

Soil net nitrogen mineralisation across global grasslands

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Lithostratigraphic and structural controls on sulphide mineralisation at the Kamoa copper deposit, Democratic Republic of Congo

Sandstone-Hosted Uranium Deposits as a Possible Source for Critical Elements: The Eureka Mine Case, Castell-Estaó, Catalonia

Decomposition characteristics of indigenous organic fertilisers and introduced quick compost and their short-term nitrogen availability in the semi-arid Ethiopian Rift Valley

The nitrogen nutrition potential of arable soils

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