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Motivational Profiles sentence examples within self determination theory

Motivational Strategies Used by Exercise Professionals: A Latent Profile Analysis.

College women’s physical activity, health-related quality of life, and physical fitness: a self-determination perspective

Motivational Profiles sentence examples within person centered approach

Associations between Profiles of Self-Esteem and Achievement Goals and the Protection of Self-Worth in University Students

Introduction to Motivational Profiles in TIMSS Mathematics

Motivational Profiles sentence examples within Different Motivational Profiles

Unterschiedlich motiviert für das Studium: Motivationale Profile von Studierenden und ihre Zusammenhänge mit demografischen Merkmalen, Lernverhalten und Befinden

Which cyclists manage to cope with the corona crisis in a resilient way? The role of motivational profiles

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Motivational Profiles sentence examples within Distinct Motivational Profiles

Associations Among Wearable Activity Tracker Use, Exercise Motivation, and Physical Activity in a Cohort of Cancer Survivors: Secondary Data Analysis of the Health Information National Trends Survey

Motivational profiles and proactive career behaviors among the solo self-employed

Motivational Profiles sentence examples within Specific Motivational Profiles

The role of motivational profiles in learning problem-solving and self-assessment skills with video modeling examples

L2 motivation in focus: the case of Finnish comprehensive school students

Motivational Profiles sentence examples within Student Motivational Profiles

Perceived Competence and Intrinsic Motivation in Mathematics: Exploring Latent Profiles

Introduction to Motivational Profiles in TIMSS Mathematics

Motivation and Motivation Profiles of the Employees in a Modern Organization

Teachers’ motivational profiles and their longitudinal associations with teaching quality


An Investigation of the Motivational Profile of EAP Learners at a Transnational Education English Medium Instruction University

Desperately Seeking Status: How Desires for, and Perceived Attainment of, Status and Inclusion Relate to Grandiose and Vulnerable Narcissism.

Reexamining the Motivational Transfer Hypothesis of the Trans-Contextual Model Using Motivational Profiles.

Are Highly Motivated Learners More Likely to Complete a Computer Programming MOOC?

Interpersonal motivations in social anxiety: Weakened approach and intensified avoidance motivations for affiliation and social-rank

Encouragement of the Personnel of the State Labor Service of Ukraine to Implement International Experience within Labor Protection Management

Motivational Change After Curricular Revision: Intersections With Out-of-Class Time Use

The dynamic process of motivation to learn Czech in study abroad courses

Language achievement predicts anxiety and not the other way around: A cross-lagged panel analysis approach

A person-centred approach to understanding dark-side antecedents and students’ outcomes associated with physical education teachers’ motivation

The Relations Between Motivation, Strategy Use, Frequency, and Proficiency in Foreign Language Reading: An Investigation With University English Language Learners in China

Motivational profiles in TIMSS mathematics : exploring student clusters across countries and time

Science expectancy, value, and cost profiles and their proximal and distal relations to undergraduate science, technology, engineering, and math persistence.

Future counselors’ career motivations, perceptions, and aspirations

EFL Learning Motivation in Korea: Historical Background and Current Situation

Motivational Differences of Greek Gifted and Non-Gifted High-Achieving and Gifted Under-Achieving Students

Drive for muscularity behaviors in male bodybuilders: a trans-contextual model of motivation

The status of Arabic, superdiversity, and language learning motivation among non-Arab expats in the Gulf

Motivational profiles related to the academic satisfaction of university students

Time spent and time management in homework in elementary school students: A person-centered approach.

Free Coding: A New Reversal Theory Methodology?

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Motivational Profiles 动机简介

Motivational Profiles 动机简介
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