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β2* nAChRs on VTA dopamine and GABA neurons separately mediate nicotine aversion and reward

Age-Related Differences in the Appetitive and Aversive Motivational Effects of Alcohol

Motivational Effects sentence examples within Potential Motivational Effects

Ethics, Patents and Genome Editing: A Critical Assessment of Three Options of Technology Governance

Students’ Perceptions of Technology Integration During the F.I.T. Unit

Motivational Effects sentence examples within Positive Motivational Effects

The novel atypical dopamine transport inhibitor CT-005404 has pro-motivational effects in neurochemical and inflammatory models of effort-based dysfunctions related to psychopathology

The concreteness of titles affects metacognition and study motivation

Motivational Effects sentence examples within Incentive Motivational Effects

The basolateral nucleus of the amygdala regulates both the predictive and incentive motivational properties of reward cues

Optogenetic mapping of feeding and self-stimulation within the lateral hypothalamus of the rat

Motivational Effects sentence examples within Negative Motivational Effects

How Can Public Managers Use Performance Management for Improvement Without Demotivating Employees?

Does pay transparency help or hurt? Evidence on employee motivation

GABAergic basal forebrain projections to the periaqueductal gray promote food consumption, reward and predation

Probing the role of reward expectancy in Pavlovian-instrumental transfer

Repeated exposure to cocaine during adolescence enhances the rewarding threshold for cocaine‐conditioned place preference in adulthood

Alcohol consumption preferentially activates a subset of pro-opiomelanocortin (POMC) producing neurons targeting the amygdala

When the going gets tough, the committed get going: Preexisting goal commitment determines the consequences of experiencing regulatory nonfit.

Motivating and Demotivating Effects of Performance-Related Pay in Swedish Public Sector Organizations

Motivational Effects of Gamification Apps in Education: A Systematic Literature Review

Neuroinflammatory and behavioral susceptibility profile of mice exposed to social stress towards cocaine effects

Prepulse inhibition can predict the motivational effects of cocaine in female mice exposed to maternal separation

Understanding how the motivational dimension of learning is influenced by clinical teaching in medical education: A prospective cohort study

How do self-efficacy and self-concept impact mathematical achievement? The case of mathematical modelling.

The Influence of Entrepreneurial Desires and Self-Efficacy on the Entrepreneurial Intentions of New Zealand Tourism and Hospitality Students

Effects of Student Feedback on Teaching and Classes: An Overview and Meta-Analysis of Intervention Studies

A randomised, double‐blind study investigating the relationship between early childhood trauma and the rewarding effects of morphine

Impact of risk aversion, reactance proneness and risk appraisal on travel destination risk perception

Motivational factors modulate left frontoparietal network during cognitive control in cocaine addiction

Mu opioid receptors in the medial habenula contribute to naloxone aversion

Co-existence of ethanol-related respiratory and motivational learning processes based on a tactile discrimination procedure in neonatal rats.

Structuring experiments in biology lessons through teacher feedback

Oxytocin prevents the increase of cocaine-related responses produced by social defeat

The kisspeptin derivative - kissorphin reduces the acquisition, expression and reinstatement of ethanol-induced conditioned place preference in rats.

Inhibition of Methamphetamine Self-Administration and Reinstatement by Central Blockade of Angiotensin II Receptor in Rats

The daily dose of digital inspiration 2: Themes and affective user responses to meaningful memes in social media

Making the leader identity salient can be demotivating.

Assessing the motivational effects of ethanol in mice using a discrete-trial current-intensity intracranial self-stimulation procedure

Brain ethanol-metabolizing enzymes are differentially expressed in lead-exposed animals after voluntary ethanol consumption: pharmacological approaches.

Neurocomputational mechanisms underlying motivated seeing

The Importance of Leadership and Organizational Capacity in Shaping Health Workers’ Motivational Reactions to Performance-Based Financing: A Multiple Case Study in Burkina Faso

Interoception and alcohol addiction: Vagotomy induces long‐lasting suppression of relapse‐type behavior

Assessing the motivational effects of ethanol in mice using a discrete-trial current-intensity intracranial self-stimulation procedure.

Epigenetics and endocrinology: new frontiers in motivational science

Cognitive Load as Motivational Cost

Burkina Faso

The Influence of TED Talks on ESP Undergraduate Students’ L2 Motivational Self System in the Speaking Skill: A Mixed-Method Study

Neural Circuits Associated with 5-HT1B Receptor Agonist Inhibition of Methamphetamine Seeking in the Conditioned Place Preference Model.

Experiencia inicial del modelo de Educación Deportiva en primero de Educación Primaria. Percepción del alumnado y del docente (Initial experience with the Sport Education model in primary school first-grade. Students and teachers’ perceptions)

The role of endogenous pituitary adenylyl cyclase activating polypeptide (PACAP) in nicotine self-administration, reward and aversion

Having Goal May Not Motivate an Individual – Case Study

“Indagine sull’insegnamento della lingua e cultura italiane in Libano”

Role of Sigma Receptors in Alcohol Addiction

Methamphetamine activates Toll-like receptor 4 to induce central immune signaling within the ventral tegmental area and contributes to extracellular dopamine increase in the nucleus accumbens shell.

L2 Motivation and Digital Technologies

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Motivational Effects 激励效果

Motivational Effects 激励效果
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