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Motivational Factors and Gender Differences in the Successful Completion of Music Education Doctoral Programs: A Pilot Study

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People who use drugs in rehabilitation, from chaos to discipline: Advantages and pitfalls: A qualitative study.

The Relevance of Self-Determination for Corporate Volunteering Intentions

Maximising the Success of International Students in First-Year Engineering

The Experience of International Students and Institutional Recommendations: A Comparison Between the Students From the Developing and Developed Regions

The State of Remote Professional Development and the True Confessions of a Remote Adjunct Faculty

Motivational Differences? Comparing Private, Public and Hybrid Organizations

Open-Book Versus Closed-Book Tests in University Classes: A Field Experiment

When Students Get Stuck: Adaptive Remote Labs as a Way to Support Students in Practical Engineering Education

Male and Female Motivations for Participating in a Mass Cycling Race for Amateurs. The Skoda Bike Challenge Case Study

Collaborative innovation in the sharing economy

Differences in rats and pigeons suboptimal choice may depend on where those stimuli are in their behavior system

Cognitive Bias in the Peer Review Process: Understanding a Source of Friction between Reviewers and Researchers

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Motivational Differences 动机差异

Motivational Differences 动机差异
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